Dolce Fa Niente

Not much going on here-for now.  I am making a focaccia tomorrow.  I haven’t been doing much cooking and baking lately.  I have been preparing just the basics.  The prices of food is restricting me from being overly zealous with baking and cooking.  Just something else I like to do that I have to give up.   Hopefully, better days are coming for us all.

Thankfully, it is all quiet here on the home-front.  I am so happy that it is Friday evening.  No rushing around to get homework done, etc.  I am fighting a cold and hoping that it doesn’t turn into bronchitis as all colds that I catch do. 

The weather was in the 70’s today.  It was perfect.  Tomorrow it is suppose to be another beautiful day weatherwise.

11 thoughts on “Dolce Fa Niente

  1. Hi Liz: I’ve been cooking up a storm and am now getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day! I made real Red Beans and Rice with pickled pork. It was so good. I’d love some of your bread. Have a great day. HUGS


  2. HI Liz I love that bread you’re making. I have made it once before I should make it again, it would be good as a pizza bread before adding some cheese and toppings too. I hope you’re feeling better from your cold. I didn’t have one this year. But my allergies are on the rise with the weather getting warmer. Today was 44F. But some days have been in the 50’s a few in the 60’s. It’s just all over the map here.
    I read all over your blog in many spots and went to your political one as well. I find what you write so interesting. Especially since you can write about so many relevant topics. So many people only write about the good stuff like they live in fantasy land. I hate that. I don’t want to read a fantasy I want to know how people feel about things going on in our world and with their lives. I think you’re really down to earth like me and we are both curious people as to what is going on and what to know the truth! May it be told! God Bless You All big hugs


  3. The foccacia sounds divine. I’ve never had homemade. Italians do make the best cooks, after all. Our weather was beautiful today, too. I gave DIL Ashley the camera at lunch, and she shot about twenty photos of Alexander in the sun on the bayou. Just the joy of being outside.


  4. Hi Liz, I hope your cold doesn’t turn worse. At least the warm weather should help some. Everyone is sick at work, and when you get over one thing, it comes around again to hit you 2x as bad! Nasty. Lots of hugs!


  5. Hey hon,

    I am really sorry to hear that you are fighting a cold. My cold was over two or three days ago but now I am dealing with the after cold exhaustion. I always experience that! I am very tired for 3 or 4 days after a cold. It was so lovely here too today. It is around 73 degrees, very close to your temp.

    Be Blessed….


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