Getting Down And Dirty

Carrie surprised us with a new four burner with a side burner gas grill.  Our old one was unusuable.  Tom and I felt so humbled and grateful. We can’t wait to get the backyard straightened out so we can enjoy some BBQ. Thank you dear daughter.

grill from carrie
A Gift From Carrie

Having the pool filled-in left us with an abundant amount of yard work. Much of the lawn was torn up by the dump truck and tractor.

Today we moved one mound of top soil away today. We moved it alone the back of the house where the walkway was. We graded that area and planted some grass seed. We have to do all of this work in sections. Some fences have to be removed and more mounds of top soil have to be spread arounds and graded so we can plants more grass seed. It is a mess back there.  We did all the landscaping  here after this house was built.  I remember breaking our backs, back then.  That was almost 20 years ago.  Now, we are doing it again.  I surely hope this is the last time we do this.  Our endurance level isn’t what it was 20 years ago.  Those shovel loads full of dirt seems a little heavier than they were back then. I really do love doing this type of work.  I just wish it didn’t hurt so much.  *LOL* 

We also took apart some sections of the chain link fence. I remember when Brian was a baby we added the chain link fence. I was so afraid that Brian would wander out to the back and get into the pool. I was so paranoid.  We have a shed to move and more fencing that needs to be replaced using what we have.  We are doing all of this work with the materials we already have on hand.  Buying new is just not an option.  We are moving the chain link fence to the other side of the patio.  On and on and on…

8 thoughts on “Getting Down And Dirty

  1. Ciao Liz, what a beautiful grill! 🙂 It sure is a wonderful gift.

    Thank you for your visit, Italian is a beautiful language in my opinion. Does it count? LOL! 😉 I’m from Piedmont, my hubby’s from Naples. Have you haver been to Italy? 🙂

    Have a happy evening! Buona notte / good night!


  2. Hi Liz how sweet of Carrie to buy you the BBQ. It’s really nice. I know how you love to cook and that will be great with your updated backyard. Yes yard-work can be hard on the back. Be careful.
    I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with that area. It’s so interesting that you even thought to do it. Have a wonderful day and Happy Saint Patrick’s day as well. big hugs


  3. Hi, Liz. The grill is great, and how nice of Carrie to do that for you. You raised a nice girl, I’m sure. I was here awhile ago but didn’t comment; my computer would not type for some reason! Yay when things go awry, no? The videos were bittersweet – happy memories of days gone by. It was a pretty pool. I’ve never had one but can understand your mixed emotions – fear for little ones and joy when it all came together. Roy’s brother passed away early this morning in Orlando, but they will be having the funeral in Louisiana as they are both from here. I’m not sure I will post anything in the meantime. Love, Julia


  4. Hi Liz, what a beautiful grill! Yes, Carrie is awesome, what a wonderful gift!! Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday, after all that work. But I bet the yard is looking great with all the tlc it is getting! Hugs!


  5. Hi Liz: That sounds backbreaking. We can’t do that kind of thing anymore. I’m so sorry you had to do this.
    Cosby now won’t eat his breakfast until my friend finishes the oatmeals and gives a spoonful or two to Cosby! He’s just something else. Hve a great Sunday. HUGS


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