Getting Down And Dirty-Part II

Day 1 of fence

This picture was taken the other day when Tom and I were putting up some new fencing. We are going to take down the old one and remove the shed. In essence we are shortening the back yard. By doing that we will be making the front yard a little bigger. This side, before the new fence, was attached to the front of the house and the on the other side of the house the fence is attached to the back. This way it make it even all around.

Just Waiting For The Gate

Before the sun was even up we were out putting up the fence today. We finally completed it. We still have to add the gate. As you can see from the pictures, I still have to plant grass seed around there but I can’t do it until the shed in the back of that fence is removed and the old fence is taken down. Tomorrow Tom is suppose to empty out that shed and move the stuff from there to the other shed. I am going to do some more soil removal and grading so I can plant some grass seed.

Then yesterday, I got an idea to make a raised vegetable bed with some of the soil we still have left. Tom went out to Lowe’s after we put up the fence, and got the materials along with some cow manure and peat moss. After supper we went out and started on the bed-

raised veg bed1
One Layer completed

We want to start with just one and continue adding more.

raised veg bed2
Ready for the Second Layer

We can grow veggie throughout the year here. I thought, why not take advantage it. I am going to start with tomatoes, green peppers, and some herbs. I was thinking of basil and thyme.

raised veg bed
Raised Vegetable Garden

We are almost finished with the bed. We have plans to continue it tomorrow before we start on our planned projects.

In the pictures of the garden bed, on the right is my blueberry bush.  It budded the other day.  We will have blueberries in couple of months.  Some of the blackberries have blossomed to fruit.  They are still red.  I can’t wait to start picking those blackberries.

Last But Not Least

Amid all the work Tom and I have been doing, I can’t forget that Brian got his report yesterday and made the honor roll.  We are proud of him and his accomplishments.

4 thoughts on “Getting Down And Dirty-Part II

  1. Hi Liz, you guys are really doing so much work! I love the raised bed idea! I saw that on a HGTV show, and mentioned it to my hubby.

    Poor Tom, but the pics with the bandaid, then the helmut, just cracked me up!

    Take a rest, and pace yourself! Hugs!


  2. Hi Liz, the backyard is shaping up quickly, good idea to make a raised bed. You can plant lettuce, it comes up quick. Sometimes the critters get it befor you do. Great pic of Brian. Have a good day! *hugs*


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