We Were Full Of Ideas Today

Tom cleaned out the sheds while I played in the dirt even though I awoken with a headache. The soil where the pool was, was packed so hard that I needed to break it up and turn it over with a pitch fork. I had to stick the fork in the soil stand on it and use my weight to push the fork in the soil and then break it up. After a while it was hurting my stomach muscles, back and legs.  It doesn’t help that I have had an ulcer surgery (a third of my stomach was removed) and bile duct realignment and the acetaminophen was wearing off.  My head was staring to hurt again.

I got an idea to get a lawn chair, sit in the pile of dirt and loosen the soil a bit at a time using my legs and arms rather than my stomach muscles. It took me a while, but it worked.

that is one way
My "Toiling" Chair

When I was finished breaking up the soil, I used a steel rake and raked all the loose soil to the sides.  Again, it was hurting my stomach to do that. But, I persevered and got it finished. After that was done, I went and helped Tom with the sheds. Now, we have a piles of junk to take to the dump but one shed is empty and the other is organized.  I didn’t get the chance, because of fatigue, to move the piles of soil or level out the soil to plant grass seed.  Tomorrow is when I will get back out there and hit it hard.


I am giving my body until tomorrow morning to heal itself. 

Do you hear me body?  Don’t fail me now!  Suck it up and move on! 

Pretty please.

While Tom was in a mess with all the contents of both sheds strewn all over the yard, he kept hitting his head on top of the shed door opening and finally drew blood.



Oh dude, too late.

band-aid man
Band-Aid Man

After applying a band-aid to his noggin, then he got the idea to use Brian’s helmet to protect his head from the numerous blows of  ‘skull smacking metal’. 

helmet head 1
Helmet Head

I got a good laugh when I turned around and saw him with that on.

During all this fun, I had a pot of beans baking in the oven for supper. When the beans where nearly done, I had to go and lay down and have Tom take them out of the oven. I missed out on supper, but after Tom and Brian ate, Tom went out and moved some of the dirt to the raised veggie bed.

4 thoughts on “We Were Full Of Ideas Today

  1. Hi Lz, I’m amazed at all the work you are getting done, bet if feels good getting so much accomplished in spite of the aches and pains. Be careful, that earth is really compacted, you’re pretty strong, not sure I could work with a headache and a sore stomach. Too bad Tom didn’t think of putting the helmut on before smacking his head. I’ve smacked my head once or twice in the shed also.


  2. Hi Liz: Heavens, you must be exhausted. I don’t think I could do all that. Please be careful. My mother had 1/2 of her stomach removed due to ulcers. I may get one raised bed this summer. I’m hoping. Have a safe and good day. HUGS


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