Spring Fervor

We finally got all the bird seed grass seed planted Sunday. Monday, after the sun came up I looked out the window and saw numerous wrens and one mourning dove feasting on the seeds. I kind of felt sorry for them. After all, they were doing what comes naturally to them. Today I kept watch and didn’t see any birds out there today. But I did hear then.

I planted six beefmaster tomatoes plants, basil, thyme and Italian leaf parsley today.   I am keeping my finger crossed and hope that I yield-at least-one tomato.  *LOL*   I need to get something else down the other end.  

veggie garden
tomatoes, basil, thyme, parsley-I hope

I am starting with a small garden and if it works out we will make more beds and plant different types of veggies and herbs. I want to plant strawberries but that won’t be until October. We shall see how I feel about that this fall.  

This morning I started replacing shelving paper in the kitchen cabinets and washing the inside of the cabinets.  I am doing the kitchen cabinets a day-at-a-time.  I did one cabinet today and that took me two hours.  Waiting for the insides to dry before laying the paper down is slowing me down.  Geesh!  At this rate I will probably be done by next year.

2 thoughts on “Spring Fervor

  1. Beautiful, just beautiful! I cannot do without tomatoes, basil and parsley 🙂 I miss my Daddy’s garden, I wish we had one here. Maybe one day…
    Happy hump day! Hugs!


  2. Hi Liz: Oh I’d like a garden this year, but don’t see it happening. There’s so much to do. We had so much tree damage from last Spring’s “tornado”. Have a great day. HUGS


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