A ‘Simply’ Marvelous Day

After cleaning the house and watering the grass and veggies, the house was so tranquil.


I was walking around the backyard and saw little blueberry buds on our blueberry bush.

blueberry buds
Blueberry Buds

Tom and Brian brought home three marigold plants. Brian picked them out and couldn’t wait to show me the colors that he chose.


After supper, Brain and I planted them at the end of the vegetable and herb bed. Sandy from Carolina Moon gave me the idea.  Thanks, Sandy.  Tom pottered around and did some things that we didn’t do yesterday on the fence.

raised garden bed
Our Raised Garden Bed

I am looking forward to having a nice little raised garden. It felt so good to be able to take time and enjoy the really simple things in life.

10 thoughts on “A ‘Simply’ Marvelous Day

  1. Hi, Liz. Thanks for checking in on me. I’m fine – just got in a rut after the funeral and all. Also had a two-week bout of sinus infection that ended up in my chest so went home every day and crashed. I love your garden. It’s really just perfect. I used to love watching things grow at my other house. I really should start a little vegetable and herb bed here. HUGS!


  2. Hi Liz! Well we finally got our rain we needed too! guess we are supposed to get some more. very early this morning there was a nice gentle rain and it was so peaceful.
    the marigolds look great! and see everything else is really growing!

    we have some blueberry buds on ours too, and i’m still waiting and watching to see how those develop.

    the fish and chips made my drool! i would love to make those sometime, thanks for the recipe! mmmmmmm

    wow sounds like you did some back breaking work, i could just see you trying to straighten it out and hope you took some ibuprophen (sp) or something for it, and hopefully a nice hot bath to soothe your poor muscles. oooooch! my backs been out like that and it’s hard for me to straighten up, but i don’t think it’s ever been quite as bad as what you were explaining!
    take it easy girl!

    i’m getting close to re-opening my site, and i’ll let ya know when i leave a link to it.

    awwww your Shadow is gorgeous!! love how you put the frames around the pics too!

    (((Hugggs))) Sandy


  3. Hi Liz oh your garden is beautiful. In a few weeks it’s going to be so lush and full. I love the cat Shadow he is cute. Yep Marigolds are suppose to be good for the garden and makes it looks so pretty. Have a great day sweets. big hugs


  4. Hi Liz, What a great picture of Shadow, are his eyes really green, he does look a lot like Felix, they could be brothers. The garden is really shaping up well, the Marigolds are a nice touch and they keep bugs away from the vegetable plants, a great little flower. Have a nice Tuesday. *hugs*


  5. Hi Liz,

    A “Simply” marvelous vegetable and herb bed! =)

    I wish I can have something like that too! Maybe just some window potted herbs! So fresh…

    I hate buying a whole pack of herbs from the supermarket and only to use just a few leaves of it and the rest will go to waste. Feel so bad after that. So, I’m now using dried bottled herbs.

    My parents have got a vegetable and herb bed, a couple of fruit trees and a really nice garden. Shall take a couple of pictures on it’s progress soon… (I have eaten starfruits, waterapple, ladyfingers, chillis, sweet potato leaves, etc. from our very own garden!)

    Keep up the good work!



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