A Special Day

Yesterday Tom and I raked, pruned and tidied up the front yard.  While I was raking, the post truck pulled up with a box for me.  I opened it and inside were some beautiful things from Kat-Wings of Grace.  I have come to know through blogging.  Her blog entries suggested to me that she is lady who carries herself gracefully, has generous soul and is multi-talented.  She pleasantly surprised me and at the same time humbled me with her thoughtful gesture. 

Inside the box from Kat was a cute gift bag with a lovely note card.

gift bag
Gift Bag

There was some wonderful and thoughtful things inside the gift bag.

kat gifts
Gifts from Kat

Included were body splash, lotion and a beautiful bookmark that she made called a Salvation Bookmark. Each color represents a scripture and a prayer. When I use that bookmark I can be reminded to read from the little paper that she send along with the bookmark.

kat gifts
My Salvation Bookmark made by Kat


Thank you, Kat.

5 thoughts on “A Special Day

  1. Hi Lliz nice photography of the gifts. When I see the card up against the fairy bag I think they look so perfect together. I thought that was card looked like you because of your banner above. Have a wonderful Tuesday. big hugs


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