No Time For Boredom Here

It was near freezing last night.  The weather told us that it was going to be about 33°F and could be colder.  Late last night, Tom and I covered the tomatoes with a white sheet and this morning I removed the sheet.  Everything looks fine. 

Whew!  I was worried about our little plants. 

A couple of pictures (sorry that they aren’t very clear) of the backyard before and after we took down the chain-link fence and moved it across the yard. We still have to put up the chain-link fence replacing the old wood fence.  The grass is really coming up well where the pool was and around the perimeter. 

Before the chain-link fence and after

For a better visual of how beautiful the pool was at one time and how it was after click here.

We are getting there-a little at a time.

I have been knitting dishclothes and like someone with too much time on their hands, I took a picture of these simple patterns.

knitted dishclothes
Knitted Dishclothes

2 thoughts on “No Time For Boredom Here

  1. HI Liz hope your garden is okay that happens to me when I plant this time of year too. it will freeze. I hope you have a wonderful day. I like the dish clothes you made will you use them? big hugs


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