We Have Company For Spring Break

Brian started his spring vacation today. 

I heard Tom and Brian pull up in the driveway. I don’t see them, I just heard them. Brian sticks his head near the open, screened window and says with excitement-

Hey Grammy, come look!

I walk over to the window-

Hi. What’s in the that plastic container? 

Turtles. I volunteered to take care for them during school break.

You did!

Yeah, aren’t they cool?

I look into the bin then at Tom-

The teacher asked me if it was OK. I said yes. .

Look grammy! The teacher even gave me some food to feed them.

Again, I look at Tom-

You are going to help him-right! You both are going to clean that container and change the water yourselves-right! You both are going to wear rubber gloves when you wash the container and the rocks-right! And after you both handle them you are going to wash your hands right after-right!

Yes, yes, yes, and yes.


So there they are-two turtles and two rocks. But, that’s OK. I am only too happy to help out the teacher.

5 thoughts on “We Have Company For Spring Break

  1. Hi Liz, Isn’t that nice that Brian volunteered to take care of the Turtles, I’m sure he will take good care of them. We stopped in Kingsland, GA yesterday, then we hit traffice on I 95 of a bit. I believe that is near you so I waved as I drove by. Hope you had a nice Easter. *hugs*


  2. Hi Liz!
    I would have thought the teacher would have at least given you a phone call and checked ahead of time to see if it was alright for the turtles to come home for spring break :O)
    Wow, i am really going to have to make those waffles, and freeze them, that’s a great idea and to have them low fat and healthy is so nice to have right at your fingertips. Good for you! (all i need is the waffle maker as i have never owned one :O)
    The biscotti looks wonderful too! The family is lucky to have you!
    You have to tell me how you did your picture frames, I love them!
    Your yard is looking lovely, and I bet your glad you don’t have to take care of the hidden pool anymore 😉
    Happy Easter to you and your family!
    (((hugggs))) 🙂


  3. Awwwwwwww, how cute those turtles are! 😀
    I am blog-hopping a bit while waiting for the lamb to be ready. We are trying a new recipe too: a “puré” with cauliflower and sweet potato. We had it one in Glasgow and it was very good.
    Have a blessed Easter weekend, big hugs! 🙂


  4. Hi Liz: I’m afraid I’d be on the phone to that teacher post haste. I hate any form of reptile and would have had a fit. How did the teacher know if you had plans or not? I making your Ricotta Pie for dinner this evening. Have a great day. HUGS


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