Easter 2009

During the Easter egg hunts, I usually take the pictures.  Tom was directing me over to the side of the house-I guess that makes him the director-where Brian was headed.  Thinking nothing of it,  I started scanning for egg so that I could be ready with the camera.  That is when I noticed a a beautiful pot of tulips atop a pile of 4×4’s.  Tom had placed them there the day before.  It is funny because I walked by them that day and didn’t even notice them. 

We broke away from the traditional Easter ham and cooked out on the grill.  We treated ourselves to t-bone steaks (a guilty indulgence). I was looking for a garlic marinade and found one on the Food Network website.  I used some thyme from my garden to make the marinade. In their recipe it called for fresh rosemary I just omitted the rosemary.  The steaks had just a hint of garlic and herb.  They were delicious and we had enough leftover for supper this evening.  We sliced the leftover steak into thin strips, then sautéed the strips, then added a quick, homemade teriyaki sauce that I made and heated it all together. We topped a green salad with the teriyaki steak strips.

Easter 2009

4 thoughts on “Easter 2009

  1. Hi Liz, the t-bones look and sound delicious. Nicky and Brian look like they are having so much fun on their egg hunt. Looks like the turtles are doing well, hang in there, only a few more days. How can you walk by and not see those beautiful tulips, lol. *hugs*


  2. Liz, your Easter sounds yummy and fun. I did a Easter egg hunt for Morgan I love those. Brian looks like he is enjoying it. And your dinner sounds delicious! I love steak. Have a great week sweetie, going to the Tea Party tomorrow big hugs


  3. Ciao Liz! Easter egg hunts sound so funny! 🙂 I like your photos! And your tulips, so beautiful! 😀
    It sounds like you are having a lovely weather. It’s dark and cold once again here. 😦
    Have a lovely day! Hugs!


  4. Hi Liz: Your steaks sound great. This is one I do, but I sub the Thyme for the Rosemary.
    1/4 c. firmly packed FRESH Rosemary leaves
    1/2 c. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    2 large cloves garlic
    2 tbs. Balsamic vinegar
    Freshly Ground pepper to taste

    Mix in blender
    Pour over both sides of steak
    Marinate from 2-24 hrs.
    Grill 5 mins. per side
    NOTE: I have a stove-top grill and these are delicious on that, too!

    I love your tulips.


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