A Good Day

Carrie brought Nicky down early this morning so he could stay the night. He and Brian had a fun day. Right before supper they were watching a movie and when I came in to check on them, Nicky was sleeping. Poor little guy was tired.

Tomorrow we are all going to the park for a picnic. I have been preparing some foods for the day. Nicky wanted to help me. I let him help me make the salad dressing. He followed ordered very well.  He is at that age where he wants to help.  He even helped me put away the laundry.  He doesn’t quite get the concept of folded laundry.  After dropping folded laundry all over the floor, he just picked it up and stuffed it into a drawer.  I told him what a good job he did then when he wasn’t looking, I refolded it.  At least he tried.  

After supper they went out to play.   

nicky and brian
Sitting under the patio tree

Then Grampy called them in and gave them ice cream.  Then right before bed he gave them watermelon.

I spent a wonderful day with the boys.

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