From One Rose

from one rose
The Rose

This rose is from my backyard. Monday it was a bud with brilliant colors. Yesterday it started opening and the colors softened.

My intention was to get a shot of it today-day three-and I completely missed the shot. By the time I thought of it, it was later in the day and I wanted to shot it the same time each day. Today it was in full bloom and so very beautiful.  

What was so important today that I could have forgotten?

6 thoughts on “From One Rose

  1. Hi Liz, Oh my, what beautiful pictures of the rose and what makes it really special is how you did the photo frames wow, it’s just so classy 😉
    (i know what is it with me and those frames lol i just won’t ask now how in the world you did that? lol)
    seriously, the rose is just so beautiful and i love the colors. isn’t that something how the colors change so quickly? i don’t think i’ve ever seen anything like it. and your camera captures it just like a dslr!

    and those cupcakes oh my gosh! i am drooling. you are quite the cook, maybe start your own cookbook? i’ve been dreaming of making something sinful like this. your family is so lucky to have you and will have many beautiful memories of your cooking in years to come.

    hugggs S


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