Tomato Plants

My tomato plants are doing really well. Each day, when I go out to tend to them, I experience a sense of pride.

tomato plants
Day 30

Go, little tomatoes, go!

tomato plants budding
Tomato Buds-Day 30

My herbs are doing equally well. I am looking forward to making more raised beds and growing more veggies and herbs.

9 thoughts on “Tomato Plants

  1. Hellooo? I was going to ask you if you live on Planet Victory Garden, then I remembered that you’re just about 2.5 hours east of me. This just isn’t right. My poor tomatoes and peppers look like a science experiment gone awry. Apparently the hail storm was harder on them than I first thought!As soon as I get home from JAX this weekend, I’m going to Miracle Gro mine to death. Wait, let’s leave death out of it!


  2. Ciao Liz! I really like your little tomato plants 🙂 you are going to enjoy many juicy tomatoes this summer. I love tomatoes, I “need” them at least 5 days a week 😉

    Hubby and I would like to buy a new digital camera for our anniversary, so I wonder: what digital camera do you have? Your photos are always sooooo nice! 🙂

    Yep, mozzarella di bufala taste great, but I admit it’s very difficult to find even in Italy. :/

    Have a very happy weekend!


  3. Hi Liz: Oh, your garden is gorgeous. You ought to be proud. What kind of tomatoes did you plant? I envy you. Here we can’t plant much before Memorial Day. Have a lovely day. HUGS


  4. HI Liz wow your plants have grown so fast and are so lush! I loved my garden when I didn’t think I wanted one this year but I look at yours and Sandy’s I wish I had one too! enjoy it. big hugs


  5. oh also wanted to mention, your camera is something else! it takes fabulous pictures. i can even see the little ‘hairs’ coming out of the stems of the plants!


  6. Yay! your garden is doing so good! Yes you said it correctly, “it’s a sense of pride” to have a garden. Every morning i can’t wait to go out and see what’s going on and to pat my broccoli’s on their heads. I wish i lived closer to you i could give you some of mine, i have quite a bit of them. i know you could go and stand out by I-95 and i could try and throw one down to ya, or use a potato gun or something to get one to ya LOL

    I counted five little tiny green tomatoes coming out of the blossoms today. it was so exciting 😉

    The older i get, the more i like to garden. it makes me happy. my arms may be getting flabby, but my garden grows good.

    You cracked me up with the last comment you made, i laughed. 😆

    oh and thank you so very much! for the frames! i can’t wait to try those out! i’ll let ya know when i’ve tried them.

    Bentley says thank you so much for the Birthday Greetings!

    have a great week-end!


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