Lentil And Rice Soup

After visiting Claudia this morning and watching the video she had posted on “Great Depression Cooking”,  I was inspired to make a big pot of lentils and rice soup for supper. 

lentil and rice soup
Lentil and Rice Soup

I keep a large jar of lentils on hand at all times as well as rice and beans.

Things can get economically tough sometime and lentils, beans and rice make a very nutritious and economical meal.

I used my recipe “Lentil Soup Italian Style” to make this lentil and rice soup. I omitted the potatoes and added a little over 1/4 cup of rice (not instant) instead. I also used fresh basil from my herb garden rather than the dried basil.  This took about 25 minutes to cook.

5 thoughts on “Lentil And Rice Soup

  1. Hi Liz, the soup looks so good, I too keep lentils on hand. I did find a recipe for the spinach and ricotta gnocchi. They are different from the potato version, there is no flour and you don’t cook them in water, and you shape them like you would a small meatball. Hopefully the 2lbs of spinach required will keep them together. I will try it out. *hugs*


  2. Yummy soup! I like lentils too 🙂 and, like you, I always have a jar on hand. I like your recipe, but I won’t use the celery and chicken stock ‘cos I don’t like them. I know, stange Italian, LOL! 😉 Have a happy day! Hugs!


  3. Hi Liz that recipe looks very yummy! I am gonna make that. I need to get some lentils but I may have some I used to keep them on hand also. It’s been awhile since I cooked with them. Our weather is flipping from hot to cold. As soon as I make it, it will be hot again. We got to 90 last week one day then it went cold on us again. We missed SF trip because it was to cold to go will try again in May. Can’t believe it’s almost May! have a great week. big hugs


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