Nicky’s 3rd Birthday

It has been a busy past three days. Nicky turned three year old yesterday. On Saturday, we celebrated by having a cookout.  We had shish kabob, twice baked potatoes, summer squash, corn-on-the-cob and of course, cake and ice cream.  Carrie made and decorated the cake.  She did a good job.  “I knew you could do it.”

We decorated the backyard with balloons and Tom bought a blow-up pool for the boys to play. As you can see by “nature boy” he is without his shirt. embarassed  It was hard keeping him dry that day.  I feel bad that we didn’t put a shirt on him before I took these pictures. 

Nicky's 3rd Birthday
Nicky's 3rd Birthday Party

Brian and Nicky played hard all day. It was good to see them have a fun day. As a matter of a fact, we all had a good time.

“Happy Birthday, little guy!”

8 thoughts on “Nicky’s 3rd Birthday

  1. HI Liz Happy Birthday to Nikky! my they grow so fast!!! that’s a cute scap page you made for his birthday. LOVE it! big hugs and enjoy a nice week. Looking forward to new garden photos. Also your meal for Nikky’s birthday sounds yummy! big hugs


  2. Me again 😉 you visited (thanks!) while I was posting 🙂 Thank you for the link, it’s awesome and huge, wow!
    You’re right, corn is quite “hard” and I try to be super careful when I eat it.
    Spring-hugs your way! Ciao!


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