My Mind Is Mush

The day completely got away from me. I had planned on posting earlier but a nap sounded much better. The nap won out.

I made a banner and I am undecided if I want to keep this one or my other one. I have a hard time accepting change. I guess I will live with the new banner for a day and then I will decide.

I am quite concerned about the Swine flu. I pray that this strain of flu is contained quickly and those affected by this illness recover.

I have been staring at this page for a while now. So I will shut down and rest my weary brain.

5 thoughts on “My Mind Is Mush

  1. Hi Liz I am not that concerned about the flu at this point because it’s not affected that many people in our country and no one has died in the US from it that I know of? I think it’s just an over reaction of the media taking our eyes off what is really going on. They are so good at that you know. Yes, it’s weird and scary but it’s not as serious as they are making it out to be at this point, at least I don’t think so. I like your new banner it’s really sweet. big hugs. PS I don’t like change that well, but when it comes to graphics yes, life no.


  2. Good evening Liz, I like your new banner 🙂 very Spring-y 😉
    I took your poll too and I said “Yes. No. Wait! Can I Change My Mind?” LOL! 😉
    About the swine flu, I think many are scare ‘cos, even now, people are not getting the information they need.
    Well, have a really good night! 🙂


  3. Hallo my friend.
    Long time since I have made any comment, but I have visit. This is the most sleepy time of the year for me so I have not much time left 😉
    I think your new banner looks great, keep it 😀
    I don’t think we have to be so concerned about the Swine flu, may be it will be hard but not so dangerous.

    Hope you come and visit on my English site I have link to here.



  4. Hi Liz: I like the new banner, but I lliked the other one, too. Not much help am I?! lol How are the veggies coming along? I can’t stand this heat. We usually don’t get that. Have a great day. HUGS


  5. Hi Liz, it looks great. What font did you use? I love it. I’m very concerned with the swine flu, it is scary. I also hope it will be contained quickly. Have a good night, hugs


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