One Week And Counting

It makes for a long week when there is nothing eventful to blog about. 

The end of the school year is almost at a close.  Brian’s summervacation starts this Friday coming and he couldn’t be happier.   He made the high honor roll again-straight A’s throughout the year.  I am so very proud of him.  Tomorrow he and Tom are going to the Aquatic Center.  I will just potter around.   


5 thoughts on “One Week And Counting

  1. Hi sweet Liz, your Mother’s Day flowers and plants are so pretty and you did a nice job of arranging them.

    How exciting for Brian to see the star! That’s wonderful that he is on the honor roll. Congratulations what an honor!

    We are supposed to really cool down, and as for just going outside for a sec, it’s getting down right chilly lol



  2. Hi Liz: I’ve missed you. Brian will have such fun at the water park. He sure deserves it. Tell him your friend was a teacher for many, many years and is super pleased at his efforts. Have a great day., HUGS


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