Have You Heard The Silence?

Finally, it is raining.  The rain can bring a welcoming comfort or a feeling of desolateness and abandonment. 

I wrapped myself in an invisible mantle of warmth and contentment.  I listened closely.  The pattering of rain soothed me into tranquility.  I peered out at the world and it seemed at peace.  I was at peace.  Then I heard silence. 

Have you ever heard silence? 

So quiet.

It was so quiet.

So very quiet.

st francis
St. Francis of Assisi

4 thoughts on “Have You Heard The Silence?

  1. Liz that’s beautiful. I love your Garden Statue. I am quiet not because of the rain but because of GM. I don’t know what is going to happen, so I am very scared right now. Everyday I want to write something in my blog but I am so very angry that I cannot write anything quite yet. Perhaps soon. Thinking of you! big hugs


  2. Good morning, Liz. What a sweet entry! 🙂 I like to have moments on my own during the day, in perfect silence. I hope you are having a very nice week. All the best to you and yours and thank you for your visit. I am a bit more relaxed now, but I will need a bit more days to feel safe again when I am all alone. I have to see how I feel when my parents will be back to Italy. Have a happy day, big hugs!


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