Yet, Another Grammy Moment

Yesterday morning we attended the third grade awards ceremony. Brian received a Multiplication License for knowing his multiplication tables.

Multiplication License

Then last evening we attended the schools award ceremony. Brian received The Superintendent’s Award and a medal for maintaining straight A’s for the whole school year. He has accomplished this since he first started school.

2009 awards
At the awards ceremony
The Superintendent's Award

His teacher told us that the STAR reading test he took revealed that he is reading at a 7.2 grade level. For a third grader that is pretty good.

On our way home last night, I spotted this large bird on the side of the road. Tom turned around so that I could get a picture of it. It was a wood stock stork. They are an endangered species here in Georgia.

Wood Stork
A Wood Stork


6 thoughts on “Yet, Another Grammy Moment

  1. I like that stork.. he is kind of ugly cute, if you know what I mean. Brian never ceases to amaze, does he? He is going to be very successful. He is lucky to have all of you guys to care for him. It makes a world of difference for a child. I hope you have a happy Memorial day. Blessings to you!!


  2. Hi Liz nice photo of the Woodstock and great photos of your little star Brian! What a handsome young man he is growing up to be. Congrats to him for his Honor Roll Achievements. Have a wonderful Memorial day weekend. big hugs


  3. Hi Liz: Congrats to Brian. He’s one great student. He”s a lot like my Donovan. He’s had straight A’s for 12 years and I’m sure will next year. I love that Wood Stock. I’ve not heard of one before. He looks like he’s related to a pelican.
    Have a great weekend. HUGS


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