The Drudgery Report

For three days I have been doing heavy spring cleaning.  Every so often I get in a cleaning frenzy and then it starts to snowball.  I still have so much more to do. 


Yesterday, Tom and I ripped apart Brian’s bedroom, cleaned everything except the walls.  I will get to the walls sometime this week.  We took some things that he doesn’t use anymore out of his room and packed them away.  This house is so tiny that after a while one starts to feel closed in. 

It has been raining here for over a week.  I fear my tomato plants are getting way too much water.  It is going to continue to rain all next week.

No outside plans tomorrow for Memorial Day.  Rain is going to see to that.  We decided to clean behind the entertainment center and wash things that can’t be reached during routine cleaning.

Doesn’t that sound all so exciting?  It is a good thing the house needs deep cleaning.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t have anything to do. 


Who writes this stuff?

5 thoughts on “The Drudgery Report

  1. Hi Liz, Too bad about the weather, it’s tough on the morale when you don’t see any sunshine for a while. Bet it feels good to get all that cleaning done. We had sunshine all weekend so we were able to get a lot of gardening done. Hope your tomatoes survive, my neighbor put hers in yesterday. I did read A & D, it was an entertaining read, but I found the ending weird. I should read it to refresh my memory, but I have too many other books that I want to read. Have a nice Monday. *hugs*


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