Of Little Significance

While most of the country celebrated Memorial Day with cookouts, we went out to eat. It was suppose to rain all day.  The rain held off until last night.

I have nothing to write about.  I have been continuing the spring cleaning.  Years ago, I would have had this whole house spring cleaned in two days.  Now, it seems to take weeks.

Ah!  The joys of getting older.

3 thoughts on “Of Little Significance

  1. Hi Liz, I’m the same, we used to keep going and going now I do three hours of cleaning or gardening and I’m broken. The Picture I posted is of my lilac bush, I’m afraid it’s not doing well this year. I hope I don’t lose it. It looks like October here this morning, although it’s not as cold as yesterday. Have a nice day. *hugs*


  2. Hi Liz, I certainly can understand that. I was just thinking that today about my garden how I would have had it looking gorgeous by now, but I don’t go full speed ahead anymore. We stayed home Monday. Steve did have the day off though he forgot to tell me. It was a nice day out with a cool breeze. I wanted to go out to eat but we ate in. Nothing sounded good that day. Have a nice evening. big hugs


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