My Tomatoes May Be Kapoot

The weather has been warm but dry.  That is a welcomed relief from the high humidity.   I don’t think that my tomatoes fared well during the daily rains we had for almost two weeks.  My thyme did very well.  Some of my basil went to flower.  I cut them back and they are starting to grow again.

I am unable to find things to blog about.  Just doing house chores doesn’t make for an interesting post.

A while back I happen upon a website and thought it to be fun, interesting and inspiring.  Yesterday I joined The Sugar Pie Farmhouse Forum.

Sugar Pie Farmhouse
Sugar Pie Farmhouse

6 thoughts on “My Tomatoes May Be Kapoot

  1. Hi Hon!

    Perhaps I am a bit odd but I love hearing about your cooking, your gardening and all the little things you do. It seems pretty cozy to me and those little things are important. I visited that forum.. AWESOME! I think it is a great site for you. Happiness and Hugs…


  2. Hi Liz: I cut mine back too hoping it might re-grow.. Will it do that? I use so much of it in the summer. I’m off to fisit the Sugar Pie Farmhouse. Have a lovely day. I hope your tomatoes make it. HUGS


  3. HI Liz that’s a great link you left for Sugar Pie Farmhouse very interesting website. I love those times and I have some graphics that I was trying to put on my blog for the 50’s summer look but I haven’t finished my theme yet.
    Oh my I am so sorry to hear about your tomatoes I hope they don’t get sickly and make it through your weather. We are having rainy days too, but last week was warm. The tomatoes grew tall, not mine but my neighbors.
    She had just gotten blooms, I hope they are not falling off the Tomato plant.
    I would never have thought to cut back the thyme. Did you read about that somewhere? have a great week sweetie. big hugs


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