Only Shadow Knows

It was a slow day around here today. So as not go completely out of my mind, I snapped pictures of our cat, Shadow. 


I used an oil painting effect to soften the picture.

I will be by tomorrow to visit. Right now I am struggling to find the words to end this post.

Therefore, I will just say…


4 thoughts on “Only Shadow Knows

  1. Hi Liz 🙂 Well we might get our rain, it’s overcast (thankfully) and i think it’s still up in the air whether or not it will rain. (get it ‘up in the air’?) I know you did. It could stay like this all day and never rain a lick. haha my attempt at southern sayings.

    Oh spaghetti and meatballs sounds so delicious! Now i’m drooling for that! I really need to cook more.

    Oh yes, the statues do have a meaning and i should have put that on there.

    They are called:

    “They Are Waiting”

    “Various stages of waiting………..along with intensity and depth of the waiting, are embodied in these figures. …)

    I took a picture of the plaque in front of the statues and should of put it on my site because they are really cool statues. Guess I will do a quick update and put the meaning on the post.

    Well as I sit her writing this, the hot sun came back out. So much for the rain. Like I said we never know what it’s going to do here in the deep South. It could show us raining on the weather channel and not get a drop of rain, oooops I mean a lick of rain lol

    Have a wonderful day, I bet you are slaving away in the kitchen!

    Oh, I looked you up on the map and wow you are almost on the Florida border! I bet it’s beautiful there.



  2. Hi Liz! Gosh where does the time go? I always try and catch up with everyone and read all of the posts I didn’t get to read so far, so here goes with my long comments:

    My that pie looks wonderful and now I am drooling over here. I will not be satisfied now until I have a piece of pie and that will have to wait as it’s very late here. I love it in the cast iron pan. The coarse sugar is a great idea! I’ve also had a craving all day for onion rings, and here they are on your site! We must be on the same wavelength.

    My garden is a big mess too after all the rains! Maybe they will get better?

    The picture of your kitty is really nice.

    Guess what? I used to read Ruth’s blog a long time ago before she went to wordpress. It looks like she uploaded a bunch of her old posts to it too. I just love her. She’s such a sweetee. I joined her newsletter too. I will have to join the forum too. It sure is a beautiful site her son did for her. Maybe we should nominate her next year for the blogger (bloggie) awards.

    That was a beautiful post about the rain and the silence. I know exactly what you mean, I need another day like that.

    Thanks for the Sunday Saver link, who would have thought?

    The wood stork is gorgeous! I’ve never seen one. I would have turned around to get a picture of him too 😉

    Congrats to sweet Brian! He’s a smart one!

    I so much wanted to thank you for what you wrote about my kitty and you said your cat “was just as mean as the day is long. But, I certainly would miss his leaden, little heart” That was such a wonderful thing to say, cause I know exactly what you mean. I miss his mean old self so much. It’s caused me a lot of pain.

    I love your site and your a wonderful lady.

    Have a wonderful day. If it rains today I will think of you.


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