Isn’t Wednesday “Prince” Spaghetti Day?

It was a dreary day weather wise. It rained, thundered and lightning off and on all day. It looks and feels as though this summer is going to be a rainy summer.

Today I made marinara sauce, meatballs with Italian sausages.

spaghetti dinner
Spaghetti Dinner

Maybe Saturday I will won’t will make pizza with the leftover sauce. I will add more oregano to it to give it that pizza flavor. Then again, maybe I won’t.  I just know that that is what my hubby is thinking about with the leftover sauce.

Hi Tom.

I can see you on the other end.


8 thoughts on “Isn’t Wednesday “Prince” Spaghetti Day?

  1. Happy Friday Liz!
    We just had another nice rain so I lucked out again and didn’t have to go and water everything. Now it just needs to behave itself and not rain anymore.

    Are you making the pizza?

    Have a wonderful week-end!



  2. Hi Hon!

    Once again one of your posts has made my mouth water, darn you, I am on a diet! lol. I am also stopping by to tell you that you have been such a wonderful online friend to me these last four or so years and I feel very lucky to have found your site all those years ago.

    P.S. YOU HAVE BEEN HUGGED!! Pass it on…


  3. Thanks for coming by and leaving such sweet compliments on my yard. Your food looks awesome! I’m going to save you to my favorites. I definitely need some inspiration around here!!


  4. Hi Liz: I figured you’s gotten more rain after I saw the weather on GMA. We’re actually going to have a pleasant weekend. I’m hoping for lunch out today or tomorrow. Have a great day. Spaghetti and pizza sound wonderful. I make a marinara sauce and freeze it to have ready. HUGS


  5. Mmmmmmm, that is all I can say! Goodness you are quite the cook! Are you Italian?

    I am wondering if you are going to be making the pizza or not lol I know your family loves you! So much love it seems in your family!

    It finally rained here this evening and I was glad because then I didn’t have to go out and water everything. For once we didn’t get the usual thunder and lightening. Yes I am thinking you might be correct about the rainy summer. Maybe it will at least keep it overcast somewhat so we don’t have to deal too much with the hot sun.

    Wow, you are really close to Florida. I’ve been to Jacksonville before. Hubby actually had a job interview there a hundred years ago. I went with him, and I remember driving around and there were all these bridges everywhere. Once of them really scared me. I’m scared of high bridges. Oh well. There was a really nice piano bar on the beach that we really enjoyed. And wonderful seafood.

    I know very well what you mean about being homesick, and trying to find peace when you move away. I could write a book on it. I used to fly back home every two months, then the money ran out. Then I just got sick of all the traveling. I learned to somehow deal with it for just one more day. It’s tough. But I think each time I went back I would get a little stronger being here, but then that took years. I’ve been gone (off and on) a total of 11 or 12 years now. There’s something that draws me away from my hometown and then when I’m away something that draws me back. I don’t get it. Maybe I’m part gypsy. My Sister says I’m a free spirit, although I really don’t feel so free sometimes. Anyway! Don’t ever feel bad about moving back and it not working out. We all live and learn and we’ve done that before too! Let’s write a book sometime shall we? You know there really arent’ any good books on Homesickness cause I’ve checked over the years.

    Anyway! Enjoy that wonderful food! Oh that reminds me, I totally forgot ALL about those picture frames! I will have to go and play with them really soon!

    Have a wonderful Friday!



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