Calzoni and Pizza Weekend

Yesterday we did make pizza.

pizza dough
Pizza Dough

I made the pizza dough in the bread machine that Carrie bought for me. Instead of keeping in the machine for the hour and thirty minutes that it takes on the dough setting, I took it out of the machine after and hour and continued to let it rise in a bowl

artichoke heart pizza
Artichoke Heart Pizza

We each rolled out our own dough and added which ingredients we each wanted on our pizza. This is my pizza before it was baked. I love artichokes and onions on my pizza. I know it doesn’t look good, but it was delicious. I used a pizza stone to cook the pizza and a peel to put the pizza onto the stone. I put corn meal on the peel first. It make it easy to slid the pizza off of the peel and onto the hot stone.

The Beginning of a Calzone

Since I had more sauce leftover and some ricotta cheese, Tom suggested that I make calzoni today. After Mass I made another batch of pizza dough in my bread machine and got busy making calzone. Actually from start to finish, it took four hours to make.

Calzoni Before Baking

I made enough dough to make six calzoni. These are the first three.


This one is Brian’s. I don’t put much ingredients into his as he has a tendency to be…Oh, how shall I say this? FUSSY!!!


I precooked Tom’s and mine so that they could be heated up to eat later.

cinnamon pizza
Dough With Honey Butter Spread & Cinnamon

But, after making five in a row. I gave up and made a roll-up with the last ball of dough. I spread honey butter on top and generously sprinkled it with cinnamon.

That is it for the sauce I made the other day. We got quite a few meals from that pot of sauce.

7 thoughts on “Calzoni and Pizza Weekend

  1. oh one more thing i wanted to say!
    WE love, love artichoke hearts on our pizza and believe it or not they are very healthy for you.
    we always get a tombstone cheese pizza and then load it down with all kinds of veggies, you name it, it’s usually on there. we even do a spinach and feta cheese, black olive one too. See now that i told you i used tombstone pizza crust, i will go and stand in the corner 😦 shame on me!


  2. Oh my goodness sakes alive girl! You are the woman. If my husband saw those calzones and the pizza he would be drooling. I really need to cook more! Shame, shame on me. I’ve made pizza dough before and loved it, I don’t know why I don’t do it more. That’s a great idea to take it out of the bread machine, I would think that way it would rise even more and have more room.
    Your family is so lucky to have you!
    Oh yes, I love Patsy Cline too, and I did go for the walk, some strange things were happening and I ended up calling 911. I will have to regale everyone with my long story sometime on my blog. Guess you won’t see me walking after midnight any longer!

    signed *drooling*


  3. Hi Liz, Everything looks so good, your pizza especially! I can see that the calzone were baked to perfection. I’ve never been of fan of them but yours could turn me around. I’ve had my bread machine for a while and yesterday I made a small French bread, it came out nice hope it tastes good. Have a nice Monday. *hugs*


  4. Hi Liz: You DID make a lot of meals out of that sauce. What do you do to make marinara sauce into pizza sauce? Oregano? I have a nice camera and that helps with the pics. Have a great day today. HUGS


  5. Good morning Liz! Happy Monday! 🙂 I’d love to have a bread machine, but we have no space here. Your “pizze” and “calzoni” look so yummy, too bad I cannot grab one from the screen, LOL! 😉
    Thank you for your visit and for having a look at Happy Snappy. I’m so excited with this new adventure. The result is as much of a surprise for us (Jaana and me) as it is for our guests. I can’t wait for next Sunday!
    My coffee is ready, off I go. Have a good night and a very happy Monday! Big hugs!!


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