Not Another Pizza?

Armed with a box of “Pepperidge Farm” puff pastry, a can of cherry filling, some sliced almonds and some almond flavoring, I made a rustic looking cherry tart. I guess that is what it could be called.

Ready for the oven.

cherry  "tart"
Puff Pastry Cherry Tart

I must still have pizza on the brain because I managed to make this dessert look like a pizza.

puff pastry cherry "tart"
Cherry and Almond Tart

I added a teaspoon of almond extract to the cherry filling, I brushed egg white around the crust, sprinkled some sugar around the crust and then I added the almonds.

Next time I make this I will only use one sheet for the center and cut the other sheet into strips and use the strips to form a crust.Ā  Using two sheets on top of one another didn’t allow for the center to cook as well as it should have.

Just the same, the flavor of the almond extract and the cherries was delicious.

3 thoughts on “Not Another Pizza?

  1. I did a peach and pecan one. I did the sugar thing, but I’d add a dash of brandy next time and cook 25030 mins rather than 20. I only used one sheet. I cut out a circle around a plate and used the leftover dough to make decorations. THANK YOU!! HUGS


  2. Hi Liz: That tart looks wonderful. If one didn’t have cherry pie fillling, could one thicken canned peaches in light syrup or other fruit in a cornstarch mixture and make it with that?
    I may just try today. I don’t bake pies because I make lousy crusts and we shouldn’t eat them anyway. However, I may cheat today and try this. It’s pouring rain, so it’ll keep me busy! LOL
    Have a great day. Can you replant your tomatoes? HUGS


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