A Poll To Rate

I was awoken early this morning by the crashing and flashing of thunder and lightning. It rained and stormed on and off all morning.  Tomorrow the heat index here is going to be 110°.  

I didn’t make the berry sorbet like I planned to do yesterday. I just wasn’t in the mood. Maybe tomorrow.  I did bake oatmeal and butterscotch cookies today.  That was after I cleaned the living room and kitchen and did three loads of laundry. 

As you can tell by this post I don’t have anything interesting to write about.   Therefore, I will do a poll.

3 thoughts on “A Poll To Rate

  1. Ciao Liz, I could sleep only 8 hours in 2 days :/ so I’m quite sleep deprived right now, LOL! I like sorbets too, esp. lemon and strawberries. YUM! I took your poll. Zeno and I would like to spend a couple of days in Dublin, but is so incredibly expensive, so no sure yet! 😛 Hugs & happy Friday!!! 🙂


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