Keeping An Eye On The Storm

I hope all fathers had a wonderful Father’s Day. Tom got a new drill and some tools and a giant TV remote control. One can’t miss the buttons and numbers on that device.

We just had a severe thunder and lightning storm along with hail. We are still under the severe weather warning for a couple of hours more. Tom got the inner closet in our house ready just in case these storms generate tornadoes, we will be ready.

I sure hope we don’t have any more storms. It has been hot here and those temps. are perfect for an electrical storm.

Our crape myrtle trees are in blossom-

crepe myrtle
Crape Myrtle

5 thoughts on “Keeping An Eye On The Storm

  1. Hi Liz our crape myrtles just bloomed as well. They are beautiful I also have pink, lilac and white ones, and fire cracker red trees. Glad to hear Tom had a great father’s day. We had a lot of storms in the early part of June but things are hot now.
    Enjoy your weekend. big hugs


  2. Oh, what a beautiful bloom shot! 🙂 It seems you have 31°C, wow! Hot! We have 20°C and I’m loving it! The sun has been out all day and it’s such a nice feeling after a rainy weekend.


  3. Hi Liz: Oh, that Crepe Myrtle is just gorgeous. We don’t have that here. Oh, I’d hate having to worry about tornadoes. We have something like that here some times, but they call them something else. Have a lovely day. HUGS


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