Much Appreciative and Happy

First the good news. Carrie’s ultra sound came back normal. She has to go back in six weeks to do another one. But, they did say that the baby was OK.  She also found out that she is going to have a girl. I am so very happy. Thank you to those that prayed and for your concerns. I appreciate that very much.

It hasn’t been a very good day for the entertainment world.  First the passing of Farrah Fawcett and not to long after Micheal Jackson. 

Tomorrow Tom and Brian are going to the water park.  I am staying home to potter around. 

5 thoughts on “Much Appreciative and Happy

  1. Ciao Liz, so glad everything is fine! Yay for little girls! 😀 How exciting! 🙂
    Sad day for the the entertainment world, indeed.
    Hugs & have a beautiful day! ((HUGS)) & smiles!


  2. Hi Liz: Such wonderful news on the baby. Health and a girl!
    I hope they have a great time at the water park. I, too, am saddend by the 3 deaths this week. Have a great day. What are you cooking? I’m doing Salmon today. HUGS


  3. HI Liz this is such wonderful news. I was going to ask about this tonight but I didn’t want to upset you. Thanks for sharing this.
    How exciting about a baby girl what a wonderful birthday present for sweet Carrie. God Bless her.
    Here is the link to Morgan’s video. I had to rewrite some of my post I wrote it late last night and I was very tired things were very off in there. LOL!

    Have a wonderful evening. Big hugs


  4. Hello Liz, I’m so glad Carrie’s baby is fine & that it’s a girl, this is pretty exciting news & I hope she stays stable until the baby is born. It’s been a pretty bad day for entertainment indeed. I hope you have a great day pottering around tomorrow. Hugs


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