Boredom Is Quite Boring

I have been busy being bored.  😆  Oh, yes.  I am still doing household chores.  However, I am doing them half-heartedly.  It’s the same thing day innnnnnnnnnnnn and oooooooooooooooout.  Half of the summer is gone for us already.  Brian starts back to school August 5th.


To alleviate some boredom, I have been doing an on line search for some of my relatives whom I haven’t seen in years and years. To my surprise, I discovered that one of my cousins and my uncle, from my dad’s side, passed away. My cousin passed away three years ago and my uncle three months ago.

It look and sounds like we are going to have a thunder and lightning storm. Therefore, I am going to have to close down the computer and visit after this storm passes.

Enough of these daily storms already!

3 thoughts on “Boredom Is Quite Boring

  1. Liz, ciao! Awwwwwwwww, is it yours? 😀 WOW!!!! Amazing! I love it!!! I want it too! 😀 Back later for a longer comment, but if I’m not (busy day – lots to bake for the wkd with a few friends), have a lovely 4th of July weekend! ((HUGS))


  2. Hi Liz: I love that Sunflower. Is it one of yours? I envy your having Cardinals. I haven’t had one in years. I never get mockingbirds here. I wish I did as they’re a lovely bird. Happy July 4rth. What are your plans? HUGS


  3. Hi Liz, What a beautiful Sunflower! Sometimes you can find people on Facebook. A school friend who I haven’t seen in 40 years found me that way. We will meet in person soon. Wow Brian will be back in school soon, the kids just started their summer vacation last Tuesday. Yes we knew in advance about the construction, it will be a good thing when it’s finished, but a bit of a pain during. Have a great Friday. *hugs*


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