Who Could Ask For More

Instead of going to Mass today, we went last night before the fireworks since our church is in the area of all the festivities. Tom and Brian brought a change of clothing so they wouldn’t have to wear their dress clothes to the fireworks.

Before the fireworks started, we sat down by the shoreline while Brian ate his funnel cake and drank his smoothie.

St Marys shore
Brian Eating Funnel Cake
St. Mary's shore
Tom Keeping Brian's Napkin Handy

Then Brian wanted some fried ‘gator (alligator). Let me tell you, HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO EATS IT IN THIS FAMILY. I tried it once and didn’t quite acquire the taste for gator meat.

Gator on a Stick
Gator on a Stick, Y'all

While Brian was eating his ‘gator, a cute Airedale came up to him and was quite interested in Brian’s food.

Can I Have Some?

The cloud in this picture looks like, to me, a nose. 😆


There were many boats along the shore that docked to see the fireworks. The water you see is the St. Mary’s River/Atlantic Ocean. We live on the seacoast. I have always lived on the Atlantic seacoast.

st marys

We had a great time!


And, today we went down to Carrie’s. Her and her hubby had a cookout. They grilled pork and beef rib, and chicken. Carrie made an apple pie, potato salad, macaroni salad. We had corn on the cob, baked beans, watermelon, strawberries, cheese and crackers, and cream cheese with pepper jelly and crackers. Everything was delicious. They went all out for us. I had a fantastic time. I enjoyed myself because I didn’t have to do any cooking and hang around the kitchen. Carrie and her hubby did it all.

This morning, before we went down to Carrie’s, Tom did all the laundry here. When I awoke I could hear the washing a drying going. What a big help that was for me. I really appreciated that also.

I am so grateful for everything my family did for me this weekend.

8 thoughts on “Who Could Ask For More

  1. Ciao Liz, how are you? I told Zeno about the alligator meat and he said he had it on New Orleans and loved it! He says it taste like chicken. 🙂
    Have a happy Sunday! Hugs!


  2. Hi Liz, what a nice 4th of July you had. It sounds like a lot of fun. Your pictures tell the story as well as your post. I wouldn’t attempt the alligator either, I wouldn’t even taste it, lol. Have a nice weekend. *hugs*


  3. HI Liz what beautiful photos. Gator meat hmm that sound nasty. I don’t think I wanna try that. How cute that Brian likes it. What a beautiful spot to watch fireworks. Wow Carrie really did go all out with that great meal. I have made pepper jelly, I don’t know why I made it but I did and it was a big hit with the men. I never ate it myself. LOL! Wow you’ve been gone since the 5th from posting in your blog that’s a long time for you. I hope everything is okay? Take care sweets. big hugs


  4. Hi Liz! What great pics! And it shows what a wonderful weekend had by all!. That cloud pic DOES look like a nose! Hope you are having a great day my friend! Hugs!


  5. Ciao Liz, glad you had such a fab weekend with your beloved ones! 🙂 I never had Buttermilk Pie, it seems yummy. Time for bad, I’m sooo tired today – I also let Zeno post tonight, LOL!
    Hugs!!! See you tomorrow 🙂


  6. Hi Liz: What a fantastic weekend you had. Carrie’s party sounds like great fun as do the fireworks. I’ve had gater and shark. I find them both kind of tough and chewy. Those photos are fantastic. Yes, those are my sunflowers and that set on my blog, I made from photos I took a few years back. I hope your day is great. I hate that tagboard “tweets” like that. I can’t talk about the author of A CHRISTMAS CAROL at Christmas time!! Have fun. HUGS


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