It’s Those Little Things That Count

I have been contemplative and lost interest in posting. I sit here, at the computer, and my mind become blank as to what to write that will make for an interesting post.  Of course, we all aren’t going to have the same interests as others.

Therefore, I will end this post with this saying-

Your time is the greatest gift you can give to someone.

7 thoughts on “It’s Those Little Things That Count

  1. Hi Liz, I know how you feel with posting… but hang in there my friend. I love coming and seeing your pics of the wonderful food you create, and your wonderful pics! I find myself staring at my computer many times, and I feel so boring. I am going to check the rosary site on your sidebar! I love my rosaries, and am always up for a new one! Hugs my friend!


  2. Hi Liz,
    I haven’t had much to post lately either. But I do love your quote, it’s so true, especially with kids. Hope Brian is enjoying the summer.



  3. Thanks for reaching out, and for your kind encouragement.

    Next time I can’t find my glasses, I will check the refrigerator.

    Keep up the good work!


  4. Hi Liz: Oh keep posting. I love your posts. It’s another cool one here. It was in the low 50’s when I got up and it’s only in the low 60’s now. Have a great day. HUGS


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