Tropical Sponge Cake

I just finished making a batch of polenta for tomorrow night’s supper.  My arm feels like it is about to fall off. It requires thirty minutes of constant stirring.

I remember, now, why I don’t make it very often.

I had a mango, some pineapple and an orange. With those fruits on hand, I decided to make a cake.  I call it ‘Tropical Sponge Cake’. I used a recipe that I had for Torta di Arancia/Orange Cake and added to that recipe some pureed pineapple and pureed mango along with orange juice (to make it more of a liquid) and orange zest. Then to top it off, I made an orange liqueur and amaretto liqueur (also adding cinnamon and nutmeg) caramel sauce.  After I added the liqueurs I ignited the sauce to burn off the alcohol-almost like a banana fosters recipe I keep seeing on TV as of late.

torta di frutto tropicale  (tropical fruit cake)
Tropical Sponge Cake

The caramel sauce made a nice glaze for the top.

torta di frutto tropicale  (tropical fruit cake)
A slice of Tropical Sponge Cake

5 thoughts on “Tropical Sponge Cake

  1. Liz your blog is so beautiful. I’m thinking of doing blogger, but quite frankly I am thinking of stopping my blog, no one visits me anymore. Well I get a few but not many. Summer has not helped at all and or facebook. though I notice that some still visit certain sites, just not mine! Hugs


  2. Oh, Liz, it’s YUMMY!!!! I’d like a slice, pretty please! 😉 I do not like oranges, but don’t mind to use them in cakes. Yours looks so soft and seems to be calling my name! LOL! 😉
    Thanks for your visits 🙂 I posted, but it’s NOTHING interesting, just a note and 2 pics. Will write more tomorrow. 🙂 HUGS!!!!!


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