Tom is doing very well after his surgery. He is going back to work in a couple of days. A big thank you to those of you that prayed for him and asked about him.  Tom asked me to thank you also. 

Brian starts back to school in two days. I am going to miss him not being here. I also feel bad that we were unable, financially, to make this summer a fun one for him. I know, I know! Life is what you make of it and all that rhetoric and feel good drivel. My life is just endless days of laundry, cooking…blah, blah, blah. 🙂

My sister sent me a book today called: Emotional Intelligence-


She found it a good read and wanted to pass it along. I started it this afternoon and I am looking forward to settling down tonight and reading more.  She also sent me some pictures that she took of our hometown along the harbor.  She had three made into bookmarks and framed two of them. They are beautiful.  I was so excited to get them in the mail today.

7 thoughts on “What-A-Week!

  1. Hi Liz, I’m glad all went well for Tom’s surgery. It is always much nicer when it’s past, I hope he keeps getting better every day. Congratulations on your hair cut, nothing feels nicer especially in summer. Have a great week, hugs


  2. Hi Liz, I was glad to hear that Dave was doing well and already going back to work. The book sounds like an interesting read, and what a good idea to make pics into bookmarks, I’ll have to check that out. I know you would like to have done something special with Brian, but kids don’t mind, at least that’s what I remember from my growing up days, lol. Have a nice Tuesday. *hugs*


  3. Hi Liz, thanks for visiting Edie and Effie’s site, I got them backward though in the photo, so I had to fix that. Darn it! Glad I reread what I wrote there was some errors. I should always check what I write, I am not the kind that can just write stuff and not check it. Hugs


  4. Hi Liz, oh that is wonderful about Tom sweetie. I got tears in my eyes that Tom wanted to thank those that prayed. How sweet is he!
    God Bless you all. You know what Liz, when I was a little girl, and we lived in CA and went to live in Ohio with my grandma like my mom talks about in her story, we didn’t go anywhere, we were at her little house, there was no toilet in her house, but out back a outhouse. Mom would put a bucket up for me cus at night I was scared to go to the outhouse even if my mom came, so my grandma had a rather large storage room off the kitchen and she put a bucket in there, those old tin kind, and huge tin tub that we had to put on the back porch to take a bath in. My cousins would come over and there was 7 of them, and we would run around outside and catch light bugs, and they would eat my grandma’s dog food. They made me try it and it was not bad! LOL! at least it did not make me gag. Anyway those are my best childhood memories and my grandma was always in the kitchen cooking and made the best berry cobblers the old fashioned kind.
    The kind with biscuits on the top and bubbly fruit on the bottom, it was so delicious. The berries they picked were wild elderberries. I was not allowed to go cus I was to young they said, to pick berries. I would get so mad. When it was time to come home and back to my dad I cried so hard, my grandma felt bad and gave me her hairbrush and mirror set with comb, which I better go find tomorrow come to think of it. I hope I kept them. She also went to Florida and gave me seashells and I still have them and put them in a collage and in a frame with sand. I can’t think of what this box is called right off hand.
    Here is the link.
    my grandma collage
    none of this stuff cost her anything but time, and it meant the world to me. She was such a good cook, that when I think of her I have very fond memories and I am sure that Brain will of you and his grandpa also. You did several things with him this summer and maybe it was not all that you wanted, but I am sure as being a child he knows none the different. Think of the time we grew up and how often did you parents get to take you on a fancy vacation? we only got to go on a vacation when we were traveling to one state to another for a move since my dad was in the USAF. The garden the sprinklers, playing in them, the 4th of July and the other outing you took is a lot and don’t you ever think it’s not. Brian has more then money can buy. He has love and a home and a family that loves him. Give Tom a big hug from us and let him know we continue to pray for him. God Bless you all. big hugs


  5. Hi Liz, where ya been? I’ve missed you and so sorry I haven’t been over. I’ve read all of the posts I’ve missed and just have to say I just love you 😆 Your such a sweet person.
    First off I’m so glad your hubby is doing good after his surgery. The other surgeries you mentioned must have played havoc on both of you. Thank God we live in such a world of medical technology.
    I loved your sunflower, and all the recipes are mouthwatering. I am getting hungry and craving everyone of them now. I’ve heard of the Buttermilk Pie and have really been wanting to make one. You cooked it perfect. Also that’s a great idea for the Tropical Sponge Cake. You are one heck of a cook! You should open up your own Cooking Blog. Your photo’s are prize winners.
    That’s funny that Brian likes the Alligator. I would never eat it either, no way. I love the picture of him and your hubby sitting on the driftwood. Such beauty in them. I can’t believe Brian starts school so early! It’s still summer and too hot for school. I remember we never used to start until after Labor day.

    Oh the cloud does look like a nose!

    That’s wonderful Carrie treated you to a haircut and also dinner. She sounds like a sweetee too! Hope her pregnancy is coming along well.

    p.s. I LOVE polenta, I need to try that one too! You are giving me so many ideas.

    The book looks really interesting and I like reading books like that. I will have to make a note of it.

    luv ya sweet Liz!!!
    don’t wait so long to come and see me! (although my last post is really boring!)


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