First Days of School

Nicky is doing better today.  Carrie took him to his doctor’s and they put him on antibiotics.  Now Carrie has a terrible cough and feels just lousy.  Her doctor told her to take Robitussin which we know doesn’t help.  Where she is pregnant, I am worried about that H1N1 flu.  My worries just never end.

Brian’s first day of school was today.

brian 1st day school
Brian-August 5, 2009-1st Day of School

He said that he liked his teacher and his class. He is excited about being in the fourth grade.

To me, he has changed in two short years.   He has filled out this year.  I can’t wait to see his first day of kindergarten.

August 1, 2007-2nd Grade ------------------ August 5, 2009-4th grade

7 thoughts on “First Days of School

  1. I do hope Nicky and Carrie feel better now 🙂
    School starts way too early overthere 😦 I won’t like it at all 😛 but I’m glad Brian is excited about his class 🙂
    Big hugs, take care and have a lovely Monday ahead!


  2. Hi Liz, great to hear that Tom is doing so much better. I can’t believe how much Brian has grown! He sure is a handsome boy! I do hope Carrie feels better. And how are you doing my friend? Hugs


  3. Hi Liz, Morgan has changed so much also. I’m glad Brian had a nice day at school and likes his teacher. Wow the 4th grade amazing!!!!
    I sure hope Nikki does not have the N1 H1 (Swine Flu). Everyone is worried about that flu. I hope it’s not a big scare for us like the other things a few years ago that never happened. I hate that. I hope Nikki gets better really soon.
    Thank God we still have wonderful medical care still.
    My prayers for Nikki!
    Big hugs


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