Too Hot To Do Much Else

Nicky slept over last weekend. He is doing so much better than he was the other day. He loves to come over and spend time here. He and Brian tried to play outside but it was just too hot.

The scrap page is of Brian doing some homework.  Grampy and Nicky were watching the baseball game on TV when I snapped them. 

august 2009
Tom, Brian & Nicky

That was my weekend in a nut shell.

7 thoughts on “Too Hot To Do Much Else

  1. Hi Liz, the humidity kills me. The last few days have been very hot and with high high humidity. Top that off with thunderstorms and it’s a mess! It makes so you don’t even feel like eating, moving, breathing!


  2. Ciao Liz, how bad that there it’s too hot and here quite chilly. Stupid weather! LOL! 😉 I know I cannot change it, but I can’t stop complaining this year 😛
    Your scrap page is very nice! 😀 Do you have many digital pages?
    Have a lovely day! Hugs!


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