Tomorrow We Will Celebrate

Tomorrow is Brian’s ninth birthday.  We are going to celebrate here.  Carrie, Ron and Nicky are coming down.  If it doesn’t rain we are going to fry chicken wings outside.  If it does rain, than we will fry them in the house.  I dread the greasy mess that always happens when we fry.  I am also going to braise pork ribs in the oven and make a cheesy potato casserole.  We are also having corn on the cob, Italian bean salad, macaroni salad, bruschetta, and of course, cake.  Tom purchased an ice cream cake.  I wasn’t in the mood to make one.  I was busy today with cleaning the house and making the salads and the pork rub then rubbing the ribs down.

Last night at 9 0’clock,  Brian said that his teacher said that it was OK if he brought cupcakes into school today to celebrate his birthday.  Well, that was a nice time to tell me.  I wasn’t about to bake cupcakes at nine at night.  At 6 o’clock this morning, Tom went to Wal-mart and picked up 24 cupcakes for the class. 

Tomorrow would also have been my mother’s birthday.

4 thoughts on “Tomorrow We Will Celebrate

  1. Oh, the food sounds wonderful. That’s too funny about the cupcakes! Anyway, you don’t have to made homemade everything. We received an email at school about sending kids home with swine flu symptoms, which I myself suddenly developed. I told my assistant principal I thought I had fever, and she basically said, “too bad.” Sometimes I hate working for women!


  2. Happy birthday to Brian! LOL @ the cupcakes for school 😉 Your menu sounds great, yum! Hope you didn’t get rain.
    Thanks for your visits and comments, you are always so sweet 🙂
    Have a blessed Sunday and happy Monday ahead! Hugs!


  3. Hi Liz: Happy BD to Brian.
    My kids used to pull the brownie or cupcake thing at the last moment. I taught all my life and told them early on that Dad was a lawyer and had court cases he couldn’t be late and I left at 6:30 AM. So no last minute surprises. I was delighted when Tripp got a teacher that would allow sweets! LOL

    Your menu sounds great. I love ribs. Do you use tomato based BBQ or the NC white vinegar BBQ? I use both depending on my mood. I do love NC pulled pork, though. That vinegary mixture is SOOOOOOO good.

    Have a great time.


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