B’s 9th Birthday

Brian had a fantastic birthday. He invited one of his classmates. His classmate and his parents showed up and stayed for a while to visit with all of us so we could get to know each other before we let the boys stay over each other’s house.

Brian's 9th Birthday

Today his friend called and asked if Brian could come over to his house for a couple of hours. His buddy’s parents came and picked Brian up to spend time at their house and Tom picked him up to bring him home.

Tom and I were so busy with the food that I didn’t get to take many pictures. I missed the cake shot and the food shot. It is hard to be the hostess, the photographer, the cook, and the party planner all at once while entertaining guests.

As they say, “you only have one shot to make a good first impression.” Well, something to that effect.

6 thoughts on “B’s 9th Birthday

  1. Hi Liz,
    What a wonderful page you’ve made here. I’m glad to hear that Brian had a great birthday. You and Tom are such terrific grandparents. 😉 Sorry I haven’t been able to “visit” for a while, I’ve missed you!



  2. Hi, Liz! The scrapbooking page you made is precious. So what if you missed a few shots; you were super busy I’m sure. Brian had a wonderful day! I’m sure you’re recuperating at this point, though!


  3. HI Liz, it sure is hard to wear so many hats but you do it well. I like the digital art you made for Brian’s birthday. Happy belated birthday to Brian! That’s nice the boys took turns spending the night at each others houses. Looks like Brian had another wonderful birthday!!!!
    Happy school days to Brian too. He is tall for 9 years old. But the other boy looks bigger. Have a great week. big hugs


  4. Hi Liz: Wow, you had a busy party! Brian must have loved it.

    Yes, that was a juvie Rose-Breasted Grosbeak. Almost all the mothers have left. Just the Juvies and Dads remain.

    Your rib sauce sounds wonderful.

    I’m glad I’m past the staying over thing. I hated it!

    Have a great day. HUGS


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