An All Day Project

I saw some scrap pages with a layered looked while surfing the net and decided to try my hand at making one. This scrap page took me all day to make. I had some of the backgrounds and a couple I made today. I kept walking away from it and changing things as I didn’t like the outcome.  At 10:45 this evening I gave up and decided that it was finished.

Layered Scrap Page

I may put this on my Digital Scapbooking page tomorrow for download.

I guess it is OK. I am just trying to keep myself occupied. I was going to bake today but didn’t get to as I was missing a few marbles ingredients.

Well, it is time to shut this dog and pony show down.  Five a.m. comes awfull early.

4 thoughts on “An All Day Project

  1. Hi, Liz! I’m fine – just been trying to catch up at work or going to bed early. I love the scrapbook page. The layering looks great! That sounds like a wonderful day, getting so absorbed in a creative task. See you soon. Love, Julia


  2. Hi Liz, you’re not missing any marbles? you are perfect in every way. I love your scrapbook art page for Brian you made it’s beautiful. I am down 7 lbs and not eating junk food, I miss junk food. Have a great week sweets. big hugs


  3. Well done, Liz! 🙂 5:30 a.m. (for us) comes awfull early, esp. when you cannot go to sleep till midnight or later.
    Me too, I like old movies better than I like today’s movies. I was trilled when a friend gave me “The Saint” on DVD 🙂 I used to watch it with my granny. She liked Simon Templar, and so do I 😉
    Have a lovely Friday, big hugs!


  4. Hi Liz: I love your scrapbook page. What wonderous thing were you going to bake.
    We have Salmon every Friday and a white fish–tilapia, whiting, scallops, ocean perch,etc. every Tuesday. Therefore, I have tons of ways to fix them so they don’t get boring.

    Five AM does come early, that’s for sure.

    Will you get any high winds from Danny?

    Have a great day.


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