Rubber Stamped Note Cards

There was a time when I was into rubber stamping. Could it have possibly been over 15 years ago.

Yah! I guess it was.

Carrie and I invested quite a bit of money in that endeavor. A few days ago I found some note cards that I had made. I had tucked them away and had forgotten all about them.  My favorite one was the sunflower.


embossed sunflower notecard

sunflower notecard

I used Le Plume II Dual-Tipped Markers for coloring.  It was a very relaxing hobby at the time.

5 thoughts on “Rubber Stamped Note Cards

  1. Ciao Liz, hope you had a lovely and relaxing Labor Day!
    How pretty your note cards are! My fave is the Sunflower one 🙂 it’s so beautiful! 😀
    Great job! Have a nice day, hugs!!


  2. Hi Liz, The cards are so pretty, I like the Sunflower one also but they are all pretty and unique. Hope your bronchitis is better, I have managed to catch the sniffles, hope that’s all it will turn out to be. Have a nice Labor Day Monday. *hugs*


  3. Hi Liz: Your stamp creations are gorgeous. You are so talented. I remember your blinkies were always the prettiest out there. Are you doing anything special for Labor Day? HAPPY LABOR DAY! Enjoy. HUGS


  4. Hi Liz, I took your quiz I belong to fall too. I thought i would get that, since the colors are all my fav’s and I love the weather from fall, so cozy. big hugs


  5. HI Liz, I also did the stamping about the same time, what a fun hobby that was. I miss it. I did Christmas cards one year. What fun that was. I love your cards you made they are so cute!
    I don’t have many stamps anymore but a few. I sold them on Ebay a few years ago they were just sitting around taking up room. I got pretty good $$ for them on Ebay. Sometimes you can get more then you think you can for stuff on there. It depends what is is I guess. I know craft things go fast and sell good and so do electronics, women’s things like perfumes and such, purses and name brand things. I love your sunflower stamp and fairy one, those are really pretty. The flower stamp card looks so professional.
    Have a wonderful Labor day weekend. big hugs


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