Labor Day Weekend 2009

Every year here, during the labor day weekend, our city has its annual Catfish Festival.  It is just down the road from my house.

Yesterday we decided to take a walk down to the festival.  There is the usual festival festivities of foods, crafts, music, carnival rides, etc.  Of course, it was just too hot for me and with me having bronchitis, I was having a hard time breathing.  I only stayed for a short while and left Tom and Brian there and I walked back home.  It is still hot and humid here and will be well into the beginning of December.

Before I left, I got some pictures of some of the classic cars on display.  Cars are one of Brian’s favorite things.  He is in some of the pictures with the blue shirt and black shorts.  Tom was carrying my backpack.

Classic Cars

Sunday we had a cookout. I made pumpernickel bread earlier that morning.

mystery chef

The ‘mystery chef’ grilled a London broil that I let marinade overnight.

cooking with beer

We enjoyed a couple of cold beers out on the patio while the meat was grilling.

labor day cat

It was a good day. Even Shadow enjoyed himself.

I was sorry to see the weekend end.

2 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend 2009

  1. Hi Liz, Sorry to hear that the bronchitis still lingers, hope you feel better soon, the humidity can’t help. Those classic cars have such character, my BIL loves classic cars, he taught me to appreciate them. Love the Mystery Chef pic and Shadow looks so regal relaxing outside, beautiful cat, grey version of Felix, a lot slimmer. Have a great Wednesday. *hugs*


  2. Hi Liz: I’m sorry you’re still having bronchial problems. Did you eat any of the catfish? I love catfish and have some in the freezer.I love London Broil. I make a southwest rub for it with no sodium. Have a great day. HUGS


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