An Ink Sketch

Many years ago I used to sketch, draw and paint with different mediums. I wasn’t very good but I kept practicing. The other day I found a sketch that I did using The Pigma® Micron .005 pen which is a fine point pen. These pens are waterproof, permanent, with India Ink.

ink drawing

Close up of the sketch-

ink drawing

I know it could be better but I was somewhat pleased with this drawing.  I was thinking of framing it with a white matting and black frame.

I have been finding all sorts of stuff that I had forgotten about.  I can’t imagine what I’ll find when I do some weeding out of our attic.

2 thoughts on “An Ink Sketch

  1. Hi Liz:

    You are so artistic. I couldn’t draw a leaf! I had an art teacher who told me I was not good at art. Well, bless her darned heart, I took that to heart and could
    never draw. Even my stick figures are ugly! I love the sketch and , yes, you should frame it. Have a great day. HUGS


  2. HI Liz, that’s pretty good. I used to do pencil drawings as a child of horses and people. I threw them all away with my old poetry, Letters my dad wrote me from Vietnam, old letters from old boyfriends, love letters and all kinds of stuff. I don’t know what I was thinking!!! now that I like to collect my families documents and old memorabilia, I am saddened that I would throw away my past like that and esp the letters from my dad in Vietnam. He is the one that told me what a x and o meant in one of the letters from Nam. I was so young, I didn’t know what it meant when he put them in my letters and I guess he knew that I wouldn’t know, so I remember one of the letters he explained to me that an x was for kisses and a o for hugs. I am pretty sure the letters were from the heart, he was good at writing, but in real life he was a real hot head. I sure wish I had them now. Glad you hung on to your drawings! big hugs


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