More Shed Finds

I also found these in the shed the other day. I painted these prints, years ago, using watercolors. I got the idea from some magazine. I can’t remember the name of the mag. It was so very long ago. I wanted to redo my bathroom in a beach cottage theme and hang these prints there.

Again, the last print shows up as a dark gold, but the original is more of a light golden color. The other two are exactly same colors.

fish print

I never did get to redo my bathroom. I really wanted to know how these would look in a frame. So, yesterday, after scanning them, I brought them over to Paint Shop Pro and made these frames just to see how they would look framed. 

fish print framed

Maybe someday I will get to buy some frames and hang them.

For now they are back in storage, in a closet, in the house. 

12 thoughts on “More Shed Finds

  1. Hi Liz I posted a ton photos today of covered bridges and such today from our trip to Tahoe City. You might like them so pop by. Have a great day sweetie. big hugs


  2. oh the frames you picked out for the fish are just perfect and really accent them in a simple way without overdoing πŸ˜‰ hopefully you can find some real ones like those πŸ™‚


  3. Dear Liz, Oh i was playing catch-up as it’s been so long since i’ve been out trying to visit now to some extent and I read what you wrote about Ben, I can’t tell you how it touched my heart. What a wonderful tribute and so heartwarming to me. I know the news made a lot of girls cry, in fact i think everyone of them were affected by him. It just goes to show what a really special boy he was. But thank you for so much for what you wrote.
    Your paintings are indeed a work of art – (hahah pun intended I guess) – as for the building not being straight, that is what makes it look so cool and original. I just love them. And you need to pull everything out of the shed and put them up on the walls. I took an art course years back, but it was only for drawing, not painting. I hope you continue on in your paintings. I would love to give it a try too. You are such a versatile woman.
    Love all your recipes !
    luv & missed you so much πŸ™‚


  4. Hoppin’ by to thank you for your visits and comments at Happy Snappy. πŸ™‚ Enjoyed looking at your art, but most of all your blog made me hungry for yummy foods! πŸ˜€

    Happy fall!


  5. Hi Liz, oh I love all your paintings! I think you should still try to use them in a beach theme for your bathroom! And yes, the painting of the buildings reminds me of a Tuscan scene! Lovely! Oh boy, I wish I were there to try the caramel apple slices, they look delicious! Hugs!


  6. Liz I remember what I was going to say. I know what you mean about TV. My husband watches the same shows as yours. I also prefer comedy I miss everybody loves Raymond and Carrie and Doug, forgot the name of the show, that is my style of comedy, silly fun. Luckily we have a TV in the bedroom and I go in there to watch TV. You can watch TV on your computer now some old reruns. I forgot the name of the website but it’s free. Big hugs sweets


  7. Hi Liz these are so pretty. They would look so great in a frame in your bathroom, these are so cheery and right up my alley. I love love love them. You did a great job on them. Are you cleaning your shed? I was going to ask you something today but I forgot what it was. Have a wonderful Thursday! big hugs


  8. Hi Liz, I love the paintings, including “somewhere in Italy” It looks very Italian & I guess you had used a sienna color. Your fishes are pretty, too bad they’re all in a closet. Your houses are perfect, have you ever seen these old Italian houses which have slightly changed shape with time? I love Italy & hope to go back one day. Hugs


  9. Hi again, Lix:
    Kimberly just called. The doctors decided to postpone surgery until Tyler is about 14 and then it may fix itself as he grows. So that’s good. Now he’s getting braces.



  10. Hi Liz: I LOVE those paintings. You are so good.

    My youngest grand was born with a cleft pallet. He’s had one surgery about 4 yrs.
    ago. This time is the nasal septum. Actually, most don’t even see it.

    Have a lovely day.


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