Go, Tom Go!

It is the end of the long weekend.  These past three days were wonderful in that we didn’t have to get up in the wee hours of the morning and Tom did many of the choirs that needed to get done.

Saturday we cleaned the garage and yesterday Tom finished-off the garage by vacuuming and putting down new door mats and then he finished off the laundry.  Today, Tom cleaned the garage refrigerator (inside and out)  and used bleach and water to clean the seals. He took all the garbage cans outside and washed them then and that evening he cooked burgers on the grill and then did the dishes.  And what did I do while Tom was toiling away?


I made a Halloween Digital Quick Page/Scrap Page.  I am sharing it and if you want it you can click onto it and save it to your hard drive for your personal use.  The original is 705 x 913 pixels. I draw all the graphic using my computer mouse and my Paint Shop Pro.

I did a little crocheting on the baby blanket that I am making for my new granddaughter-to-be. Carrie doesn’t know about it yet. But she will as soon as she reads this.

Hi, Carrie.

I very much appreciate all that Tom did around here these past few day.

Thank you, Tom.

9 thoughts on “Go, Tom Go!

  1. Hi Liz, so now your making ww hamburger buns? What a woman like i always say. Sorry they turned out the way they did and i know the yeasty smell you are talking about, a nice clean yeast bread smell. I made a pizza from a magazine that looked delicious and it turned out bad.
    The whoopie pies look yummy!

    It must be our cooler weather that inspires us to get to cleaning! Go Tom go. Your scrapbookings are really cute!



  2. Hi Liz, I wonder if there is something in the air, Tony has cleaned and gotten rid of a lot of stuff we haven’t been using. He has gone through the basement and all the closets except mine. This morning he did the windows. I love your digi page and will download in case I get some Halloween pix from my little nephew. Come to think of it I can use last year’s pics. I haven’t been PSP’ing for a while, too much time spent on Facebook I’m afraid. Have a nice afternoon. *hugs*


  3. Ciao Liz, nice digi scrap page! 🙂 Special plans for Halloween? It’s not a big thing here, so no cool decorations around. How nice that you are crocheting a baby blanket! And that Carrie reads your blog! No one in my or Zeno’s family does it. Not only coz it’s in Eng. but coz they won’t understnad why we keep a blog. 😛 Same for our Italian friends… have a fab day!!! hugs!


  4. Hi Liz,
    When is Carrie’s baby due? that’s nice you’re making a baby blanket for wee one. How exciting to have a sweet baby girl to hold.
    Wow you want to send Tom here? Tom I love how you clean!
    What a great digital page you made I have to download that and see what photo I can put in there.
    I only let my mom read my blog and no one else in my family. LOL!
    I’ve tried to keep a lid on it lately too about many subjects if you get my drift.
    Well what a wonderful day for a certain group of people in this county. I pray to God that this does not come to pass in the form it is at this moment. I am so PO’d about this, never been madder in my life about what is going on.
    I just pray our kids can have the life we had while growing up. And this country remembers it’s roots and the Constitution. Do they even teach that anymore? probably not, the kids in CA will soon be learning about Harvey Milk if the libs get their way here. How ridiculous!
    Sometimes I hate CA! Okay enough rambles you’re having such a wonderful day here, hope I didn’t spoil it. Big hugs


  5. Hi Liz: Wow, Tom is a wonderful help.

    I loved that story of the wife carry!

    It’s so cold here. Thank goodness for the wood cookstove.

    You scrap page is gorgeous. I don’t know how to use png. graphics. I’m still back there with jpg. and gif. LOL

    Have a great day.


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