Life’s Curves And Blessings

Carrie had to go the hospital yesterday. She went into labor at five in the morning. She is 33½ weeks pregnant.  The hospital was able to stop the contractions after four hours and them sent here home.  She is on Terbutaline.  She is on bed rest  for the next 2 weeks until she is at least I 36 weeks along.

We are keeping Nicky for the two weeks that Carrie is on bed rest.  This morning, after we saw Brian off on the bus, Nicky drew some pictures for most of the day on big sheets of paper that I have.  He drew Sponge Bob’s pineapple house, Mr. Krabbs, Patrick and Plankton.  He also scribbled out two pools-one for me and him. He wanted me to write Grammy and Nicky over the pools. Of course his pool was bigger. *smile*


I pray that everything is going to be all right for Carrie and the baby.

Brian got his report card and made the honor roll.

Go, Brian! We are so proud of you.

Last  Thursday I made half of a recipe of Butter Cupcakes. The full recipe calls for five eggs. Not being able to half five eggs, I just used two extra-large eggs. They came out delicious. These cupcakes have a hint of almond flavor. I decorated them keeping Halloween in mind. I topped them off with a marshmallow creme frosting

Halloween cupcakes

I find that my presence is getting less and less here on my blog. I have been over on Face Book. My sister and Carrie are on Face Book and I go there often to interact with them. I do miss my blog and feel like I have neglected an old friend. Also, on the other hand, I haven’t had much to write about.

I am still working on the baby’s afghan for my soon to be granddaughter. I am doing a little on it each day.

9 thoughts on “Life’s Curves And Blessings

  1. Oh, I hope Carrie is well. It’s so hard worrying about your loved ones, isn’t it, but things usually turn out all right in the end. My next door neighbor Karen said something about that this week – how many things she had worried about at school that never came to pass. Hugs!

    PS I don’t have a clue about Facebook. I guess I should go look. I feel old-fashioned!


  2. Hi hon,

    I will say a prayer for Carrie and the baby, please don’t worry, I know they both will be fine. I know, I know, its hard for a mother not to worry. Congratulations to Brian, he has always been such an amazing student. Those cupcakes like very tasty, this blog is never good for my diet, lol. Nicky is such an adorable little boy. Thank you very much for your kind words about my cousin, it means a lot to me. Hugs and Blessings…


  3. Hi Liz, that’s so scary about Carrie and I hope she doesn’t deliver too early. I can imagine your concern.
    I used to be on FB until I found out my ex-husband was on one of my family links, I said that’s it, and I deleted my account. I may go back there someday. It was fun to play around in there.
    I love your blog though and looking at all your pretty food dishes. I get lots of great ideas from your cooking.
    The cupcakes are beautiful, I love how you swirled the frosting on. I bet your grandbabies love gramma’s cooking! They will remember it forever.
    I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.


  4. Ciao Liz, I’m so sorry to hear about Carrie, how is she now? Two weeks on bed rest can be very annoying, but it’s for a good “cause” 😉 Brian is a cutie pie!! 🙂 About blogging, do it only when you feel about doing it. It must be fun! 🙂
    Have a happy Fridaya and wkd ahead! Hugs!!


  5. Hi Liz, I’m so sorry to hear about Carrie I pray she keeps the baby in the oven until 36 weeks!. I don’t seem to go on Facebook to much, just pop in once in awhile. I do have times I am there a lot I guess it a phase for me. That was nice of you to take Nicky for Carrie. What a load off her that is, but lots of work for you!
    I will keep Carrie in my prayers sweets. I’m glad you posted here because I would not have known. I have more friends on facebook then in blog land and I can’t keep up with all there since I don’t go there daily or weekly even. I should try to stop in there more. I seem to miss things! Blogging is not an obligation so it’s up to you how you feel about doing it of not. Seems many love the facebook, but I love blogging more. Facebook can be good for many things, keeping in touch with family is it’s best feature and friends. Have a great day sweetie. big hugs PS those cupcakes look so yummy!


  6. Hi Liz, I pray that everything will be ok with Carrie and the baby. Nice presentation of Nicky and his artwork and your cupcakes looks delicious. Come and find me on facebook. I am neglecting my blog as well, never had much to say in the first place…Have a nice Tuesday. *hugs*


  7. Hi Liz:
    Oh, that’s a shame about Carrie. I hope all will go well.

    I did watch the Alton Brown Anniversary show, but though it was kind of silly!

    Sounds like Nicky was having lots of fun. You’re so good to him.

    Those cupcake are gorgeous. I wish I were a goot baker. I’m not!!

    Oh, please don’t leave blogging. I’d miss you.

    Have a lovely day. I have pictures.



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