Happy Halloween 2009

Happy Halloween!

Everything is ready for the little ghouls tomorrow night.  Brian and Nicky are looking forward to tomorrow.  Tom decorated the outside and I cleaned today and did some more decorating for Halloween.  Their costumes are ready and so are they.  Tom bought them some flashlights and a couple of little wind up trinkets.

Now they are saying that candy that is given out can spread the H1N1.  It comes to a point that one doesn’t know what to do.  Do we all stay home and cower in the house or do we go on with our lives.  It is all very confusing.

I forgot to mention that Carrie is doing well.  She isn’t having any more labor pains.  And, in case she does, she has some medication to stop the contractions.  Boy, it can get scary when the baby wants to come too early.  I am sorry that I didn’t mention it.  I know that a few of you have asked about her.

Earlier this evening, Brian tried to do a balancing act around the edge of my above ground planter, fell off and hurt his arm.  He complained a little this evening of it hurting him.  It is swollen or anything.  If he still complains tomorrow and we see any changes then we will call his doctor.  Geesh!


7 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2009

  1. HI Liz, how was Halloween for the boys? I Hope you all had a great Halloween! I didn’t pass out any candy. I hid in the house so I didn’t have to put the dogs up, they would try to run out the door and bark to much. They could use some training in that area. Have a great evening sweets.
    Do you like to watch the History Channel Liz? I was watching the History channel and saw a special on the civil war so I watched it about General Sherman whom my mom is suppose to be related to. I’ve read all that was on there before, but it was so interesting. The bloodiest most brutal war in American History. It was interesting, but it made me cry in a few spots.
    big hugs


  2. Hi Liz, Oh I am so sorry for leaving so quickly the other night. things just kept getting in my way of computer time. Yes the H1N1 thing is scary, and now they are saying there might be some problems with the vaccine causing problems. I’m so glad i didn’t get one yet. Are we to the point yet where we have to walk around in plastic gloves and dust masks? lol I know i didn’t phrase that right, but you know what i mean. I went into a walgreens the other day and the cashier up front had on plastic gloves, i said that’s a good idea. and i still hate touching those pens for your atm card! yikes that’s scarier than halloween in itself.
    I hope sweet Brian’s arm is okay. I’m so glad your Carrie is doing well and pray for a wonderful delivery when the time is right.


  3. Ciao Liz! We saw only a couple of kids dressed up on Halloween, but no one going trick-or-treating. Too bad. Hope you had a fab day! 🙂
    Thanks you for posting about Carrie, glad she is doing ok!
    Have a lovely evening and fab November!


  4. Hi Liz: I always love hearing from you. I love Tyler Florence and have done many of his recipes. And he’s so handsome! That doesn’t hurt! I did a couple of his breakfast things: Brioche and Berry Bread Pudding with Lemon Fondant, Upside-Down Apple French Toast with Cranberries and Pecans, and Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Omelette. All DELICIOUS! I think he’s a true classic cook.

    Did you see the White House all lit up in Orange and the Presidant and his wife handing out goodies. She was Cat Woman and very lovely as one!

    Sounds like your gang had a ball. You are so good to them. I hope the arm iis much better today. Let me know.

    Have a lovely Sunday. I hope your pork roast is outstanding as I know it will be. How did you tweek it?



  5. Hi Liz, Happy Halloween, I bet all the children are excited. Our street is dark and it’s cold an windy, I haven’t seen anyone out trick or treating, it’s not like it used to be. Hope Brian is ok. I didn’t hear anything about giving out candy and H1N1. *hugs*


  6. HI Liz, that’s for posting about Carrie. I pray she will keep the baby in the oven until it’s time. Glad she has medication for that. I don’t know how passing out candy can cause H1N1? I didn’t hear that. You have to let kids live their life, if we are going to have a major outbreak it will happen no matter what we do right now today. They said they didn’t know how this was going to mutate yet. Back in when president Ford was president we had the Swine Flu, it was not called H1N1 then. Earlier in the century we had Polio and other things. We always have the threat of something. That will never go away. Since I do Genealogy I can tell you that many of my relatives lived through much of the outbreaks of all diseases that have passed through or I would not be here nor would you had your ancestors not survived. Those that did die had Consumption and Polio. I don’t about before those. Today we have better medicines at least for now, I say that holding my breath over this recent 1990 page bunch of bull.
    God Bless you and Carrie and I pray that Brian will feel better today and won’t need to go to the Doctor. Poor little guy. I hope the boys have fun trick or treating tonight. big hugs


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