Bogged Down

At one time, Tom and I used to buy Boggs cranberry liqueur for the holiday season.  The company that made it closed down many years ago.


Years ago, before the internet, I came across a recipe for the stuff.   For over twenty years, I have been making it yearly for Christmas.

Every year, around Halloween, I start making my cranberry liqueur.


It takes approximately seven to eight weeks to set up before consumption.

beg of cranberry liqueur

After four weeks I bottle the liqueur and then I let it sit for another 3 to 4 weeks and by Christmas Eve it is ready to pour.

The long wait is well worth waiting.  It is so very very close to the taste of Boggs.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Brian injured his arm during the weekend end. Tom and I had been treated it as a sprain but to be sure Tom took him to see his doctor Monday. He ordered x-rays and we waited all day, until 6:30 that night to find out the results. The doctor said that he didn’t see any fracture to his arm, but may have a hairline fracture in his elbow and that we should call an orthopedic doctor that Brian’s doctors recommended. I called first thing this morning. The only time the orthopedic doctor can see Brian is this Thursday. That is when we will, hopefully, find out to what extent his arm is injured.

11 thoughts on “Bogged Down

  1. Hi hon!

    Goodness, is there anything you can’t make? lol. I don’t drink but I understand that it takes a special touch to make DECENT liqueur. I hope Brian’s arm feels better soon. Poor little guy. I joined Farmville on facebook last night, I sent you a gift but I am still unsure how to play it.

    Hugs and Happiness…


  2. Hi Liz, oh goodness I am sorry to hear about Brian’s arm! poor baby. I hope he is doing okay. Oh I love your recipe that’s so wonderful you make that, it looks delicious. You have a lot of wonderful recipes. I put Edie in your cute Halloween scrap page and showed her off at my blog today. That is so cute what you did with the art. You’re so very talented. I used to make graphics but I don’t do it anymore. I should start again it was relaxing but it’s hard for me to sit at the computer to long my neck and shoulder starts to hurt bad.
    I will try to remember to come back to check on Brian later this week, will say some prayers for the little guy. Gentle hugs for him.
    I had my taxes reduced too, but we didn’t have to ask they just did it. It’s part of our prop 13 we voted on a few years ago.
    I hope you get it. I can’t believe even Georgia has resorted to raising taxes and such. Look at what happened in NJ last night, it’s gonna happen across this land if they stop taxing us to death. I will continue to march with the tea party. I don’t care about patrician politics, I just want what is right and for this government to follow the constitution.
    That would be wonderful for all of us. I ramble to much I hope you don’t hate it? big hugs


  3. Hi Liz, your cranberry liqueur sounds incredible, what a great tradition. Sorry about Brian, I hope time flies until Thursday, I guess you’ll know more tomorrow. I hope it’s nothing. Italian food is my favorite too, it’s what I cook too. You’re in my thoughts, hugs


  4. Hi Liz, just saw your comment, the prayer link was so beautiful, i will need to remember that and use it next time, it would have been perfect for these pictures. and i have been known to change my blog posts from time to time, can you imagine someone coming to my blog and reading one thing and then if they read it the next day it says something completely different. i know i confuse myself too.
    i love the word you chose: powerful’ for the pictures, yes, just perfect.
    You know I’m thinking everyone will have to cheat a bit and look it up! i would have *smiles*


  5. oh my, is it like a wine? but it says liqueur. This looks wonderful! I think I might try it myself. Where is the recipe? Traditions are so wonderful! and a few sips of Christmas Spirits aren’t bad either! I love anything cranberry.

    So now you have to wait and worry about little Brian some more. I hope everything goes okay for him and it’s something that isn’t too bad.


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