What The X-rays Revealed

Brian went the the orthepedic doctor yesterday armed-pardon the pun-with his x-rays. The doctor found a chip/fracture on his elbow. He has to wear a splint until he sees the doctor again next week. He also should be using the sling the doctor gave him but he says he hurts his neck. The splint is very heavy. I don’t know how he can stand the weight when his arm is at rest without the sling.

I didn’t mention that Brian is left-handed and that is the arm he injured.

brian splint

With nothing else to post, I will end it here. 🙂

7 thoughts on “What The X-rays Revealed

  1. Hi Liz, Sorry about Brian’s arm, that’s a shame, not too good with him being left handed either. guess he won’t have to do homework (he’s probably hoping)
    Yes it looks like the storm, or I should say lots of rain will be coming to the East Coast. I don’t mind, we need some rain. (sure I say that now)
    I just made a big pot of Vegetarian Soup. I put everything I could think of in it, and it came out pretty good. All that was missing was some hearty bread to go along with it. Oh well. Maybe I will try and make some tomorrow on a rainy day.
    Talk to you soon!


  2. Oh, poor Brian!! So sorry for his arm! Hoe he will get better soon!
    I wanted to let you know that we had to close Italian Cozy Corner for a while (long story!!), but will be back ASAP! 🙂 Good night!


  3. Loved hearing from you, Liz. I was just thinking about you while watching the weather with my first cup of coffee. I hope you don’t feel Ida too much. It looks like along the Gulf Coast will get a lot of rain today, but they’re predicting Pensacola for the worst. I’m thinking that will dump the rain on you as well. In spite of that, have a nice day LOL!


  4. Hi Liz, Sorry to hear Brian hurt his arm, hopefully it will heal quickly. Surprising how one adapts when limited by an injury. Hope you had an enjoyable weekend, we had a lovely sunny warm day and more of the same tomorrow. Wish it could stay like this. *hugs*


  5. Oh, poor Brian. I hope he is not too uncomfortable. I am fascinated by the fact that you make that cranberry liqueur. I am sure it is delicious. What a lovely tradition! My mother used to make homemade cranberry sauce, and I thought that was something special. You know, I have never made anything with cranberries. I must see about that. Love you and miss you, Julia


  6. Hi Liz, my son Shane is left handed too. Sorry to hear that he has hurt his arm that he uses, but kids are pretty good at adapting to change. Hopefully his arm heals up quickly. I can imagine the sling would all be very uncomfortable to wear. Poor little guy. I pray your family is all doing well and Brain gets better soon. Have a wonderful Sunday! big hugs


  7. Hi Liz: Oh, that’s a shame about Brian’s arm. Those injuries aren’t fun. That’ll cut down on his play!

    Isn’t it funny that neither of us like parsley. I grow it to cut and put in flower arrangements!! It lasts a long time in a vase. To me it’s bitter.

    Have a lovely day. I made homemade chili for today and have a nice pork center loin bone-in roast for tomorrow.



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