Open House

Carrie, Nicky and Elizabeth have been staying with us until Carrie recovers from the C-section she had when Elizabeth was born.  Her hubby works during the day and I was not able to be with her during the day to help her out with the kids.  Carrie could hardly walk as her feet had swollen three times their size from all the water she was retaining.  Her blood pressure was sky-high, she is anemic, had and has been having terrible headaches, and was unable to move due to the staples then the butterfly stitches to her abdomen.

Brian’s fracture to his elbow healed and he no longer has to wear the splint.  If it didn’t heal then the doctor was going to put a cast on him.

Nicky is doing good and trying his best not to get into trouble.  Hopefully, someday it will all finally click why he can’t do what he is not suppose to do.

Elizabeth is also doing good.  She had her first doctor’s visit today.  When she first came home from the hospital she weghed 4 lbs. 9 oz.  Now she is up to 6 lbs. 13 oz.  Her little clothes fit her better now.  Carrie and I went out last Friday and bought all the kids some new clothes.  Saturday, Grampy bought the boys new sneakers.  As they say, they are growing like weeds.

Elizabeth Ann
Elizabeth Ann-November 30, 2009. All ready for her first doctor's visit. She is sitting in her car seat.

Elizabeth Ann-2009
All Gussied-up in her little pink headband.

Our Thanksgiving was filled with noise and good food. We had a good day. We made turkey soup on Saturday. I, for one, am glad to see the last of the turkey and the fixings.

I have had little time for my blog. I seem to be spending what little time I do have, on Facebook. My sister and Carrie and most of my blog buddies are now on Facebook. It seem that blogging is slowly being a thing of the past. That is so sad to me. But, I also must admit, rather reluctantly, that I am playing Farmville.

Farmville will suck the blogger right out of yah!

Liz Woodward

4 thoughts on “Open House

  1. Hello Liz, your little Elizabeth is such is so precious. I just requested your friendship on Facebook. I started to play farm town but gave up after a while. It was taking too long to buy anything. I hope you did well with the storm. I hope your week is going well, hugs


  2. Hi Liz, I’ve been out of town, and really need to update but haven’t felt like it at all.
    I love your little Elizabeth (and the name 😉 )
    awww she is sooooo so very precious and adorable.
    That’s so wonderful you are helping Carrie out. I’m sure she appreciates it so much. You are so lucky to have them live so close.
    YES! the storm is coming! it’s supposed to be major. they said 50 mph sustainable winds or more. i have the patio umbrella not only down, but completely out of the table. it is supposed to hit here about 4 pm.
    I will be thinking and praying for us all if it’s going to be that bad!
    Keep safe!
    love Sandy


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