A Botched Batch

From Sandy over at Carolina Moon Reflections,  I got the idea to bake some chocolate chip cookies.   I have a large bag-a very large bag-of chocolate chips that Carrie brought over for me.  Therefore, why not bake some chocolate chip cookies (the snickerdoodles will just have to wait).

chocolate chips

After I made beef stew for supper, I got down to the task of baking.

After the first batch of cookies were baked, I noticed that they didn’t spread like a Toll House cookie should. They were almost cake-like.

I double checked the recipe to see if I had made a mistake. I did everything exactly what the recipe states. They taste like a Toll House cookie, but don’t look like one.

chocolate cookies cookies

What could have gone wrong?

2 thoughts on “A Botched Batch

  1. Hi Liz: I love the pics of Brian. He’s growing so fast. Your cookies look so delicious to me. I’m not a baker, so I wouldn’t know the dif!! LOL

    I need email addys as the computer guy lost them all.

    Have a great day.


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